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FYI Charts

Automotive market share by body style
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Material Insights

Material Insights: Techmer PM opens facility in Mexico
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Chinese compounder Top Polymer is coming to America, Techmer PM formally opened its plant in Querétaro in Mexico and Nova Chemicals announced that...
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Mexican injection molder Nissha PMX expanding
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Injection molder Nissha PMX Technologies S.A. de C.V. is in the midst of a major expansion of its manufacturing plant in central Mexico.
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Private equity firm buys medical molder Cadence
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Private equity firm Kohlberg & Co. will acquire Cadence Inc., a contract manufacturer of components and devices for medical and industrial...
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Film & Sheet

Henkel increasing recycled content in packaging
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Consumer goods company Henkel AG is aiming to increase the regranulated resin content of its flexible packaging materials for laundry detergents, as...
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Mergers & Acquisitions

American Plastics buys two companies, faces issues from 2017 reorganization
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American Plastics LLC has expanded its consumer storage products business through the acquisition of two Ohio-based injection molders, but its...
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Wittmann Battenfeld updates Aton dryer for 4.0
Story image

Wittmann Battenfeld Inc. features the Aton H-Series beside-the-press dryer as part of its Wittmann 4.0 technology display in Booth W3742 at NPE2018.
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The Plastics Blog

Industry should embrace talk of benefits, responsibility of plastics
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Conventional plastics do have a good story to tell, and now some leading voices in the industry are poised to help spread the word.
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Plastics News Now

Plastics News Now: Wham-O launches a redesigned Frisbee
Story image

Wham-O's design change is an intersection of a cube and a sphere, a mold maker and machine company show off pail molding and the fight against ocean...
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PP recycling key to P&G sustainability targets
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Plastics recycling, including the use of what it calls a breakthrough effort with polypropylene, plays a part in Procter & Gamble Co.'s newest...
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Injection Molding

Production set for next generation of solar shingles
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An injection molder and resin supplier in the Midwest are partnering with a Denver-based energy firm and a Chinese company to manufacture the next...
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Blow Molding

CCC buys PolyCycle, increases large bottle business
Story image

PolyCycle blow molds 2- to 5-gallon bottles using PET, polycarbonate and Tritan copolyester. It operates manufacturing plants in Irwindale, Calif.,...
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Numbers that Matter

Revised data leads to lower, but still strong, growth forecast
Story image

If we can sustain average annual growth of 3 percent per year, then the output levels of plastics products in the United States will get back to the...
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