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Energy Management Series
3) Finding energy savings during processing Broadcast
Date: September 02, 2010
Time: 12:30 PM to EST

Robin Kent is founder and managing director of British consulting firm Tangram Technology Ltd. He formed Tangram in March 1996 to address the needs of U.K. plastics processors, window systems suppliers, window fabricators, specifiers and consumers. He also has become an expert on energy management for all types of plastics processors. For the past 36 years he has been involved with plastics processing in a variety of sectors, from extrusion to injection molding. Kent also has also been very active in unplasticized vinyl (PVC-U) extrusion and windows since 1981. He has many years experience in product design, having worked as technical director for several major plastics processing companies in the U.K. and Europe. An Australian native, Kent has a bachelor of engineering honors degree in materials engineering from Monash University in Australia and a Ph.D. in solid-state polymer physics from the University of Surrey in England. He has published more than 220 technical papers and articles on plastics and windows and is a regular lecturer at conferences on materials processing and PVC-U windows.

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: Free

Dr. Robin Kent, Founder & MD, Tangram Technology Ltd.

This Webcast focuses on best practices of energy management with processing equipment.

Injection molding topics to be covered include:
  • Base loads
  • Process setting
  • Barrel heating and insulation
  • All-electric machines
  • Retro-fitted VFDs
  • Mould temperature controllers
  • Die design

Extrusion topics include:
  • Barrel heating and insulation
  • Extruder drives
  • Calibration and cooling
  • Film blowing

Extrusion blow molding topics to be covered include:
  • Barrel heating and insulation
  • Tops and tails management

Injection Blow Molding topics include:
  • Barrel heating and insulation
  • Cost allocations

Thermoforming topics include:
  • Insulation
  • Heater types

Rotational molding topics include:
  • Sealing and insulation
  • Gas use

EPS foam molding topics include:
  • Steam generation
  • Steam transmission

At the conclusion of this Webcast, attendees will; be prepared to create an action plan to improve energy management practices with their primary processing equipment.