AMI's Polyethylene Films 2014


February 11-13, 2014


Daytona Beach , Florida


The Shores Resort & Spa and the LPGA International Golf Course

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Ampacet and Techmer PM (Additional sponsorship:Advanced Blending Solutions, LLC., Ingenia and Polyfil Corp.)

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Amanda Schaeffer, Conference Coordinator


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Polyethylene Films is designed to be an international meeting place for all members of the industry supply chain to discuss ideas and formulate plans for the future. Specifically, it will look in detail at both business challenges and technical developments, and how they are impacting today’s film producers, as well as what this implies for the future of the industry. The fundamentals of the market are still being driven by new innovations in terms of resin formulation and processing technology. The increase in the level of sophistication of polyethylene products offered to customers has driven functionality of final package performance and created value throughout the supply chain.

There will be a golf tournament at the start of the first day of this three day event for delegates to network in an informal setting. Following the outing, presentations will begin on the first day with Andrew Reynolds of AMI Consulting giving a market overview on polyethylene raw material supply and its impact on the film industry. The conference will then move in to a session focused on raw materials. Nova Chemicals will present a paper entitled: Coextrusion – from monolayer to multilayer. Total Petrochemicals and Refining USA will discuss a new generation of polyethylenes. The last paper of the day, presented by Equistar Chemicals, A Lyondellbasell Company, will examine high performance LLDPE based formulations for blown film applications requiring superior strength.

At the end of the first day of conferences, all attendees are invited to attend a networking cocktail reception in the exhibition room.

To start the second day, Polyethylene Films 2014 will pick up with further discussion on raw materials. Performance processing aids for polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) will be presented by Arkema. Muehlstein will cover reflections on changing resin supply options in a rapidly evolving PE film industry. The topic of LLDPEs for high performance film applications will be discussed by Formosa Plastics Corporation.

Conference material will then move to presentations on additives, starting with Milliken & Company’s presentation on optimized barrier performance of polyethylene 3 layer blown films via nucleation. Unimin Specialty Minerals will discuss the advancements in functional fillers for polyethylene packaging and horticultural film applications. An evaluation of custom release agent formulations and various foodstuffs in polyethylene film will be presented by A. Schulman. In the final presentation of the additives session, Trinity Resources Ltd. will examine an alternate antiblock to talc, DE and nepheline syenite that will improve clarity and blocking force properties, with side benefits of improving water vapor and oxygen transmission properties.

The fourth session of the conference, focusing on equipment and technology will begin with Moretto S.p.A., and will offer a new concept for the dehumidification process. W&H Corporation will then discuss new technologies for blown and cast polyethylene film production. Electronic Systems S.p.A. will close out the day with a presentation entitled: Why an online thickness measurement – how to reduce waste and customer complaints.

On the third and final day of the conference, presentations will cover the business forum session, beginning with Cloeren Incorporated’s paper entitled: I use to think the world was round but now I’m not so sure! Mesirow Financial will discuss M&As and business valuation in the film industry. Polyamides for enhancing strength and barrier will be covered by BASF Corporation. In the final presentation of the conference, AMI Consulting’s Andrew Reynolds will provide an outlook for polyethylene film applications.
There will be an exhibition running alongside the conference. Table tops will allow companies to display their products and services to a highly targeted audience. All social gatherings, such as the cocktail reception and coffee breaks, will be hosted in the exhibition room, giving exhibitors maximum exposure.

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