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CARSON, CALIF. — Pioneer Video Manufacturing Inc. is investing an unspecified sum to expand its production services to include all formats of optical media — compact discs, CD-ROMs, recordable CDs and digital versatile discs.

Beginning this month, Carson-based PVMI will more than triple its annual compact disc and CD-ROM manufacturing capacity to exceed 10 million discs from 3 million discs now. Also, the company is expanding its DVD production area to allow it to make 30 million discs per year. Pioneer expects that construction to be completed by April 1.

Executive Vice President Jim Lance said in a Jan. 1 news release that PVMI's expertise in manufacturing laser discs makes the company ``uniquely positioned to manufacture a complete package of optical media.''

The company said it also is about to begin manufacturing CD-Rs. It plans to begin production in April with the capacity to make 400,000 of the recordable discs per month to supply a growing demand for that medium.