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Reynolds Metals Co., based in Richmond, Va., has two new shrink films and has improved its universal film.

The company claims that Reynolon-brand 6061 is the first United States Food and Drug Administration approved and kosher preferentially oriented film. It is used for special applications requiring high machine direction shrinkage and has anti-fog properties. The film serves the confectionery, bakery, fresh fruits and vegetable markets.

Reynolon 7044 is a soft, biaxially oriented film that seals easily and runs well on high-speed wrappers. When wrapped around sharp ends or corners, it does not tear. The film was designed to wrap do-it-yourself metal products, textiles, paper and plastic plates and curtain rods.

Reynolds' universal shrink film has increased slip and anti-blocking characteristics. Reynolon 5044 more evenly shrinks since the film slices over the package more easily in the shrink tunnel.

Reynolds also introduced its PVC shrink band and shrink label printing capabilities.

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