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LOS ANGELES—American Materials & Technologies Corp. said Dec. 27 that it acquired the majority of a fabrication and design house in southwest England for about $500,000 and expects to invest in upgrading the firm's facilities, equipment and personnel.

Carbon Design Partnership Ltd. employs 13-18, occupies a 15,000-square-foot facility in Totnes, England, and provides product-design services and proprietary manufacturing processes using advanced composite materials. Processes include matched die compression molding and high-volume stamping and pipe production using thermoplastic resins.

``We expect the addition of this fabrication capability in thermosets and thermoplastics to synergistically mesh with our Culver City Composites' materials capability'' to preimpregnate materials, said Paul Pendorf, president of Los Angeles-based American Materials. The Culver City, Calif., subsidiary impregnates fabrics and tapes of graphite, fiberglass, aramid and quartz fibers with resin formulations for aerospace, surface transportation and civil infrastructure applications.

Stuart Lewis will continue as Carbon Design's chief executive officer. The firm fabricates products for aerospace, food, recreation, engineering, entertainment and paper industry applications. In completing the transaction Nov. 22, American Materials secured future rights to acquire remaining Carbon Design shares.

American Materials was formed in March 1995, completed its initial public offering July 5 and reported profit of $271,047 on sales of $5.7 million for the quarter ending Sept. 30.

Culver City Composites and Advanced Polymer Sciences Inc. announced Sept. 17 the formation of a joint venture using the thermoset polymer siloxirane, and BFGoodrich Co. licensed Culver City Composites on Oct. 30 to make a high-temperature composite using a polyimide resin known as Superimide 800.

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