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WOODLAND, CALIF. — Woodland Poly, a plastic film and packaging maker, has added two new Battenfield Gloucester production lines for blown and cast stretch film.

The Woodland-based firm has about a dozen lines. The $5 million investment will boost annual capacity to 50 million pounds.

Woodland makes low density polyethylene plastic bags such as food bags, bulk converter rolls, bin liners, wicketed bags for bread and ice, produce bags and can liners. It also converts linear LDPE stretch film manufactured by coextrusion lines, which can make hand and machine wrap. Woodland then sells the film to brokers and distributors, who in turn sell the product to warehouses and supermarkets.

The Woodland plant formerly was a Mobil Chemical Co. film operation. Woodland Poly formed a year ago when former Mobil employees bought the 241,000-square-foot plant. About two-thirds of Woodland's 70 employees are former Mobil employees.

The company also hired Ed Dauer as sales manager.