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PLYMOUTH, WIS. — Plymouth Foam Products Inc. is expanding capacity for molding expanded polystyrene foam.

The firm is adding a new sheet molding machine at its Plymouth headquarters plant, said George M. Palmer, director of sales and marketing. In the past year, Plymouth has added 40,000 square feet at that site, for manufacturing, EPS bead storage and office space.

In Plymouth and at another plant in Becker, Minn., the company molds EPS billets, which are sliced into sheet and used mainly as roofing insulation. Construction is its biggest market, but shape-molded EPS packaging for consumer products, such as small appliances, is the fastest-growing, Palmer said. It also does laminations, such as a rigid styrene lamination. The company employs about 130.

The company also plans to add space at Becker in the coming year, he said.