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In separate announcements, Barmag AG said it has built the world's largest extrusion line for polypropylene and signed a deal with Reifenhauser GmbH & Co. to merge the two companies' blown film extrusion operations at Reifenhauser headquarters in Troisdorf, Germany.

Reifenhauser will supply spare parts and service to Barmag customers.

Remscheid, Germany-based Barmag and Reifenhauser will remain separate companies.

Barmag also said it has sold two extrusion lines with a maximum capacity of 13,200 pounds an hour to make biaxially oriented PP film. Each line includes three main extruders, two coextruders, melt lines and large-area filters.

The first line will be delivered to an Italian film maker, Vifan SpA, in April.

According to Barmag, the second line will be shipped in October to an undisclosed U.S. film company.

The three extruders on each line include two mixing extruders with 250-millimeter screw diameters connected in a parallel setup and a melt extruder with a 380mm screw diameter.

The coextrusion part of the line has two 90mm extruders, the company said.

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