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Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. has begun manufacturing its two-platen injection molding machine, available in clamping forces of 1,000-4,400 tons.

By eliminating the large clamp assembly, Husky's Moduline E Series two-platen press reduces the costs and floor space requirements associated with large-tonnage machines. Traditional injection press design calls for three platens.

The clamp is hydromechanical. Controls are based on a Seimens S5-115U-944B programmable logic controller.

Bolton, Ontario-based Husky said the machine design addresses tilt problems with the moving platen that are often associated with two-platen designs.

Tie bars are mounted on the fixed platen, rather than the moving platen, to reduce moving masses and eliminate additional weight from the tie bar that can add to the tilting forces on the moving platen.

Support feet on the moving platen distribute mold weight evenly.

The stationary and moving platens incorporate Husky's Reflex design to maintain platen parallelism under full tonnage by internally transmitting clamp forces from the tie bars into the molding areas to compress, instead of deflect, the platens. According to Husky, this reduces mold wear and flashing that can come when the platens deflect.

Two side-stroke cylinders open and close the clamp at high speeds. Bayonet-style tie bar locking/clamping units are placed on the moving platen.

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