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EVANSVILLE, IND.—Berry Plastics Corp. is shutting down an injection molding plant in Reno, Nev., as a result of its recent acquisition of PackerWare Corp.

At the leased plant, which will close March 24, PackerWare employs about 54 people, many of whom Berry said it will try to place at one of six other operations. Evansville-based Berry issued news of the plant closing Jan. 24, a few days after it announced that it had completed the $26.3 million purchase of PackerWare.

Berry will divide the Reno business, mainly injection molded plastic food containers and flowerpots, between its Henderson, Nev., plant and PackerWare's main operation in Lawrence, Kan.

Plant manager at Reno, Don Abney Jr., now will head production at Berry's Iowa Falls, Iowa, facility, replacing Dave Weaver, who will become vice president and plant manger at Lawrence. The Lawrence facility has become the manufacturing hub for injection molded housewares and lawn and garden products—two new markets for Berry.

In a news release, Martin Imbler, Berry's president and chief executive, called the closing ``unfortunate,'' but added that the move will benefit customers in cost savings and improved quality and service. Imbler was unavailable for further comment.