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Don't look for retail sales in the future for Tupperware Corp., said Morison Cousins, Tupperware's vice president of design.

Cousins spoke about ``Tupperware's extraordinary design for everyday living'' Jan. 14 during the show. Answering a question from an audience member, Cousins said Tupperware has no plan of taking the retail route.

``There's no need to. We're big, we're expanding around the world,'' he said.

Tupperware, based in Orlando, Fla., racked up $1.4 billion in sales last year through private parties and catalogs.

Cousins said Tupperware employs 24 designers in Orlando and a smaller group in Belgium.

Because Tupperware does not sell retail, it does not exhibit at the Chicago show. That difference affects design, Cousins said. Traditional housewares makers get feedback from retailers, and they change the design if the product does not sell. But Tupperware gets feedback direct from consumers, since they, not mass merchants, sell the product.