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ATLANTA — Printpack Inc. plans to commercialize Jebco flat-bottom flexible pouch technology.

As a result of a foreclosure, Atlanta-based Printpack became sole owner of the Jebco pouch and technology. Patents, trademarks, intellectual property and proprietary developments were collateral for a series of loans provided to Jebco Packaging Systems Inc. for development financing over the last several years.

``We have been significant supporters of the Jebco flat-bottom pouch concept since its inception several years ago, with a total investment by Printpack of several million dollars,'' Jimmy Love, vice president of corporate development, said in a news release.

The pouch uses 70 percent less material than traditional rigid containers. IBM Corp. had designed the machinery and, with Jebco, leased it to customers. The machine made 65-75 units per minute using any film.

``Since our foreclosure on this property last year, we have had discussions with various packaging machinery manufacturers interested in developing this technology and are extremely encouraged about the prospects for commercial success in the near future,'' Love added.