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ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — Australian plastic pipe manufacturer Rib Loc Group Ltd. began shipping equipment to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, in January for what it claims is the world's single-largest sewer reconstruction project.

The A$14 million contract (US$11.1 million) is a joint project between Adelaide-based Rib Loc and its German licensee, Preussag Anglagenbau GmbH.

The project involves relining a 7.4 mile stretch of Abu Dhabi's main sewer. Rib Loc will receive A$7.5 million (US$6 million) for designing the system and supplying equipment and materials from Australia. Preussag Anglagenbau will be paid A$6.5 million (US$5.2 million) for the installation.

Peter Menzel, Rib Loc managing director, said Rib Loc has been designing and building equipment for the Abu Dhabi project for the past six months.

Rib Loc makes pipe using post-consumer high density polyethylene. Its pipe renovation technology, marketed under the Expanda Pipe brand, allows sewer systems to be repaired without being dug up. A PVC strip is wound spirally into a damaged sewer pipe.

Locking mechanisms stop the strip from moving during insertion and ensure the sealant is not released until a wire restraint is removed, once the strip reaches the next manhole. Removing the wire releases the glue and the temporary lock, allowing the strips to expand and seal.

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