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GREENVILLE, S.C. — Del-Tec Packaging, a Greenville thermoformer of parts and returnable packaging, has added 8,400 square feet to its plant.

The $170,000 addition gives the company 20,400 square feet. Del-Tec had been renting space in other buildings for storage.

The company's predominant business is returnable and reusable packaging, such as trays and pallets used in the automotive industry.

Del-Tec makes thermoformed returnable packaging from high density po lyethylene or high-impact polypropylene. The sheet is die cut, then welded or glued to form the package. For example, the plastic containers or carriers are used by BMW's vendors to ship steering wheels to the plant in Greenville.

``BMW's engineers approve of our container, then ask their vendors to buy it from us to ship back to them,'' said President Richard Lackey.

Del-Tec also works with water heater companies making parts for the heaters, as well as conta iners for other parts such as those made from brass.

Del-Tec has three thermoforming employees and one line. Thermoforming sales last year were $350,000, while the company's total sales were $3.5 million. Besides automotive, the fir m serves the industrial and plumbing industries.