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EBM Design Inc. of Berkely, Mich., has developed a new mini thermocouple connector called the Snapplug with a unique two-step, screwless assembly.

The connector is designed with a cover attached to the body with a hinge, which eliminates loose parts and allows it to be snapped into place.

The Snapplug comes with an open cover and built-in grommet, ready for use, reducing assembly time to one-tenth of the traditional assembly time.

Current thermocouple connector design involve as many as nine assembly steps and are shipped to the rnd user with closed cover.

The customer must loosen and remove one or two screws and take off the cover. With Snapplug, assembly consists of inserting the stripped wire in the specially designed terminal opening and snapping the cover closed, which creates sufficient contact between the terminals and the wire.

The specially designed terminal opening traps the wire and prevents it from pulling out of the connector.

Snapplug is designed to accommodate 20- to 30-gauge wire, and comes in both single-use and reusable types.

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