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SPRINGFIELD, MASS. — A 2-year-old lawsuit filed by GE Plastics against two former employees, their company and a mold-making firm was settled out of court in late January.

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Springfield in October 1994. GE Plastics of Pittsfield, Mass., claimed William J. Lyon and Blair T. Anthony unlawfully diverted money and products from GE to BBMC Inc. of Berkshire, Mass., which they owned.

Lyon was the former manager of marketing and advertising for GE Plastics. Anthony was GE's industry manager for Heavy Valox resins and fluid engineering. Also, GE claimed Neils C. Kristensen Jr. owned part of BBMC and that Lansen Mold Co. Inc., where Kristensen is vice president, profited from Lyon's and Anthony's deeds.

Lyon, Anthony and Kristensen filed counterclaims, saying GE attempted to cause them economic harm and put BBMC out of business.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Citing a confidentiality agreement, neither Diana Nichols, who spoke for GE, nor Lyon, Anthony or Kristensen would comment.