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NASHVILLE, TENN. — Pultrusion Dynamics Inc., an Ohio consulting firm owned by Joseph Sumerak, has been sold to Creative Pultrusions Inc., both companies announced at the International Composites Exposition.

Creative Pultrusions is one of the largest U.S. pultruders. The technology makes rigid profiles and other parts by pulling glass fibers soaked in plastic resin through a die.

Terms were not disclosed. Both companies exhibited at ICE in Nashville.

Sumerak said Pultrusion Dynamics and its eight employees will remain in Oakwood Village, Ohio.

While Sumerak's firm will do work for Creative Pultrusions, he stressed that Creative has agreed to allow Pultrusion Dynamics to continue working as an independent consulting firm, under confidential agreements with other customers, even if they compete against Creative.

Robert D. Sweet Jr., president of Creative Pultrusions, said all pultruders benefit when new technology is introduced.

Sumerak will remain as president. Interviewed during the exposition, Sumerak said the company had diversified away from straight research and development, getting into tooling and other products. Selling gives him financial resources to focus on his first love — to tinker and create new technology.

``But I also didn't want to lose my individual identity,'' he said.

Sumerak got to demonstrate the kind of innovations he enjoys at ICE, where his firm introduced an in-line controller specifically designed for pultrusion. Topscan tracks die temperature, exotherm behavior and other variables.

Sumerak said the next step will be computer simulation software.

In 1981, Sumerak co-founded Pultrusion Technology Inc., a Twinsburg, Ohio, manufacturer of pultrusion machinery. That company was sold in 1989 to Morrison Molded Fiber Glass Co., which renamed it PTI and moved it to Bristol, Va., in 1996.

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