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NORTHLAKE, ILL. — Scholle Corp. plans to build a $10 million plant in Breda, the Netherlands.

The new building, which will be completed in two stages, will replace the firm's current facility, which also is located in Breda. During the first stage, Scholle will move from the current 22,000-square-foot plant into the new 105,000-square-foot building late this year.

Scholle of Northlake is a leader in bag-in-box technology that is used to package items from wine to fruits and vegetables.

``The building is 10 years old and there's no room to expand,'' said Senior Vice President Don Finn. ``We've had a substantial growth in business. Right now we're renting additional warehouse space.''

The new plant, which will be the European headquarters, will serve the food, beverage, wine and dairy industries, mostly with industrial packaging.

It will employ about 170 people, including 72 current workers, he said.

Phase two involves adding on 70,000 square feet in about two or three years, Finn said.