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GRANDVILLE, MICH. — Donald Eerdmans loves to invent but he hates managing people. That's why he wants to find a partner for his small thermoforming company, Innovative Inc.

Eerdmans has been running his Grandville firm for about 10 years and, in that time, has developed proprietary kayaks, paddle boats, sleds and industrial products. Innovative also does custom business for a range of industries, makes its own molds, and has experience in twin-sheet, foam-core, vacuum forming and other thermoforming techniques.

``This company has the ability to grow by leaps and bounds,'' Eerdmans said by telephone.

Innovative has averaged about $300,000 in annual sales, but he believes people-oriented management could build a staff to support much higher sales.

``This is a good way for someone to get into the plastics industry.''

Eerdmans said he would prefer to sell a majority of Innovative's stock and to stay involved for about a year to help new management get the company on a growth curve.