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Rocklin Manufacturing Co. of Sioux City, Iowa, introduced its MoldMender MicroWelder, a portable welding machine for repairing nicks, scratches, gates, vents, parting line wear, and making minor design changes.

Repairs are made using a low-heat, nonarcing welding process that produces a weld with the least amount of heat to eliminate shrink lines and other cosmetic defects.

The MoldMender uses an 0.008-inch-thick ferrous ribbon material or 0.020-inch or 0.010-inch diameter wire, which is spot-welded to the defect. Because the repair strips or wires are made of the same base metal as the mold, the result is a repair that leaves no weld lines. Repair strips or wires are available in most major tool steel grades (not aluminum), and a paste is also available for easy filling of holes and nicks.

The MoldMender weighs 65 pounds, and its portability allows repairs in tight spots, even while molds are still in the press.

Tel. (800) 255-6046, fax (712) 252-5619.