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RAMSEY, MINN.—Automated EDM Inc. of Ramsey recently moved into a 12,500-square-foot, climate-controlled facility and expanded its machining capabilities at a cost of $1.4 million.

The 3-year-old company specializes in designing and building extrusion tooling and downstream calibration equipment for the window profile, automotive and furniture industries.

President Don Zoubek said Automated EDM's forte is tooling for long-running, twin-screw jobs. However, he also will build tooling for ``simple profiles and short- run, job-shop type'' work.

The tooling is all streamlined for high-speed, twin-screw extruders, ``where you need consistent flows,'' Zoubek said.

The company has three Charmilles 510 wire electric discharge machines, and recently added a Charmilles 6020 wire EDM. All the EDM equipment is palletized, which allows the tooling to be preset on the coordinate measuring machine.

The EDMs are set up in manufacturing cells. All the cooling water used is centrally chilled by a custom-designed system.

The company recently added a computer numerically controlled machining center with three-axis capabilities.

Zoubek and his business partner, Wally Pelto, have 16 employees. The company also offers general machining and turning services.