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The following items were compiled by assistant managing editor Bill Henson at the National Design Engineering Show, held March 10-13 in Chicago.

NASA urges industry to invest in research

NASA Administrator Dan Goldin made a strong pitch for greater research and development spending by industry March 12 during a National Manufacturing Week appearance at Chicago's McCormick Place.

``We're not planting the seeds for 20 years from now and the buzzards are going to come home to roost,'' Goldin said. ``We're living off the spoils of the Cold War and something has to change,'' he said.

Goldin, who is presiding over an agency shrinking in personnel and budget, said Wall Street pressure for near-term profits is the reason companies invest less in R&D — a philosophy he said is counterproductive.

NASA is looking for ways to share technology it has developed with U.S. industry for commercial applications. Goldin promoted the agency's technology transfer program, involving cooperative projects and licensing agreements, as one way taxpayers have received a tangible return on their investment in NASA during the past 30 years.

One example he cited was the development of composite materials and technologies for the Space Shuttle program at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.

A spokesman for the center said Marshall has developed a number of advanced resins for use in high-heat and cryogenic applications, some of which are expected to be used one day in the production of automobile fuel tanks.

The Huntsville center has used the industry transfer program to help companies introduce more than 940 products using National Aeronautics and Space Administration technology since 1993, according to the agency.

jack Kemp pushes for U.S. tax reforms

Former U.S. representative and Republican Party vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp disparaged the nation's economic growth rate of 2.5 percent as ``morally unacceptable'' during his remarks at the National Association of Manufacturer's Economic Growth Conference, held March 11 at McCormick Place during the National Design Engineering Show.

Kemp, who said a 4 percent growth rate was more acceptable, repeated his criticism of the Internal Revenue Service tax code.

He said the way to stimulate economic growth is to cut the capital gains tax 50 percent, reduce estate taxes, shrink the size of government and overhaul the regulatory process.

``The enemy,'' Kemp twice warned a receptive audience of about 450 people, ``is Washington.''

The former Buffalo, N.Y., congressman spent 18 years in the House of Representatives, and four years at the White House as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Bush Administration. He most recently campaigned for vice president in 1996 as the running mate of Bob Dole.

Cargocaire exhibits large dehumidifiers

The Cargocaire Division of Munters Corp. exhibited its large-scale modular desiccant dehumidifiers: the HCE-15,000, HCE-20,000, HCE-30,000 and HCE- 40,000.

The company says the models dry 9,000-40,000 standard cubic feet per minute and are capable of removing up to 1,374 pounds of water per hour.

The dehumidifiers can deliver air with a dewpoint as low as minus 55 F, according to Cargocaire, which is headquartered in Amesbury, Mass.

Glentek Inc. shows new servo amplifier

Glentek Inc. of El Segundo, Calif., displayed its SMA8X15-1A-1 high-performance servo amplifier.

The amplifier can be operated either in revolutions per minute or torque control, and can be configured for direct-current brush as well as four different brushless commutation styles, the company said.

Structural adhesive for unlike materials

Devcon introduced Plastic Welder, a structural adhesive for both metallic and plastic surfaces.

The Danvers, Mass.-based company, which is part of Illinois Tool Works Co., said the product is formulated to bond dissimilar substrates as well as unprepared plastics, metals, ceramics and wood while providing high shear strength.

The adhesive is designed to be load-bearing and is resistant to weathering and a wide range of temperatures, according to the company.