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A lawsuit filed April 1 by Dow Chemical Co. against General Electric Co. alleges that GE pirated trade secrets by hiring 14 employees from Dow during the past two years.

The employees listed in the lawsuit and their titles, according to the lawsuit, are:

Darin Evans (named as a co-defendant), former Dow engineer in its Material Engineering Center in Midland, Mich. He left Dow on Feb. 17 to work at GE Automotive in Southfield, Mich., as an applications development engineer.

Matthew Harthcock, former Dow research manager for copolymers, based in Midland. He resigned Jan. 6 to work as North America lab manager for analytical plastics materials at GE's Mount Vernon, Ind., center.

Daniel Kaufman, former Dow senior product market manager for engineering plastics in Midland. Kaufman resigned Dec. 27, 1995, to work as regional marketing director with GE Plastics in Southfield.

David Von Behren, former Dow automotive sales manager for North America, based in Southfield. He resigned in June to work for GE as manager of commercial operations for original equipment manufacturer teams, based in Southfield.

Kathy Jones, former chemist in charge of Dow's Engineering Compounding Development Center in Freeport, Texas. She resigned Jan. 31 to work at GE's compounding plant in Delmare, N.Y.

Don Robert Roden Jr., former Dow senior production engineer in Midland. He resigned Feb. 28 to work as a process improvement engineer in GE's Delmare plant.

Ed Gallick, former chemical engineer at Dow's polystyrene production terminal in Joliet, Ill. Gallick resigned Oct. 24, 1995, to work at GE's Ottawa, Ontario, emulsion ABS production facility.

Harish Patel, former production supervisor at Dow's Allyn's Point, Conn., plant. Patel resigned June 30, 1995, and joined GE in 1996 at its ABS production plant near Port Bienville, Miss.

Dow also listed other former employees of its automotive and plastic business units who joined Dow since 1995. They include Phil Moreno, Luc Govaerts, Kevin Hoffman, Maria Grosser, Henry Van Dijk and Peter Vollenberg.