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New Nitrojection unit controls nitrogen gas

CHAGRIN FALLS, OHIO — Nitrojection Corp. of Chagrin Falls has introduced a line of nitrogen gas booster/controllers, called DLX Nitrojection Processing Unit.

The unit has user-friendly layout of commands, including a graph that shows actual nitrogen pressure delivered to the mold.

The NPU model has seven stages of pressure. It digitally controls timing and pressure, and stores the information for quick setup.

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Jackson Machinery offering FlexiMatic

PORT WASHINGTON, WIS. — Jackson Machinery Inc. officials believe that, to operate cost effectively, blow molders making parts under 5 pounds at annual volumes of 500,000 units, need to use fully automatic work-cell equipment.

The Port Washington firm's FlexiMatic blow molder handles all parts of the process in the machine, including molding, trimming, leak detection and date stamping. In single- or dual-head configurations, the machines have shot capacities of one-half pound to 5 pounds.

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Rebuilder expanding to make extruders

SPRING, TEXAS — Texas Extrusion Service Inc., a 10-year-old extruder rebuilder, has started making its own single-screw extruders.

Construction has begun on a 10,000-square-foot addition in Spring for the expanded operation. When the addition is completed this summer, Texas Extrusion will have a total of 30,000 square feet of space.

The firm's DK machines come with screw diameters of 21/2-8 inches and are available as either air-cooled or water-cooled models.

The gear case has a Lufkin E-line series drive, with the precise gear finish for smooth operation.

David Kores Jr., inside sales and services coordinator, said the company will continue to rebuild extruders and provide new barrels, gear boxes and other components.

Texas Extrusion buys its screws from several outside vendors, Kores said.

The firm employs 19. Annual sales are $2 million, he said.

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Table-top machine weighs 88 pounds

MONTREAL — A table-top molding machine from A.B. Jewelery Machinery automatically injects plastic into inexpensive metal molds.

The Montreal company designed its AB-200 for small medical products, both prototyping and production runs.

The unit weighs just 88 pounds.

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