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Milacron previews huge exihit for NPE

Cincinnati Milacron Inc. announced it will be the largest exhibitor at NPE 1997, showing a total of 27 machines, including 11 new machines.

The company's Batavia, Ohio-based Plastics Machinery Group issued a brief preview of its booth. Seven of the machines will be all-electric presses.

New injection machines include a line of ultracompact medium-and high-tonnage hydraulic machines, two new-design vertical injection molding machines and a coinjection system. A full lineup of German-made Ferromatik Milacron machines also will be shown.

In blow molding, Milacron will show its Tracker T800 machine. Two extruders, the Atlas parallel twin-screw machine and the Pinnacle E-65 conical twin-screw extruder, will round out the company's booth.

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New Engel controller is context-sensitive

Engel Machinery Inc. has announced a new controller for Engel injection molding machines — the CC100.

The controller, which uses Micrograph-Plus software, has a high-resolution screen. Operators quickly can compare as many as seven actual and ideal curves on the same screen.

Engel said CC100 also is context-sensitive, meaning it helps determine set values, clarifies error messages and gives the user explanations.

Engel of Guelph, Ontario, also introduced a new generation of ERC robots. The six-axis robots are powered by servo drives.

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Netstal introduces 2C substitute for HP

Netstal-Maschinen AG is replacing its two-component HP injection molding machines with a new machine, the 2C.

The 2C machines are designed for two-color, and two-color moldings. They can be switched to molding single-component parts at the touch of a button.

Näfels, Switzerland-based Netstal said 2C machines are based on Netstal's SynErgy technology, including accumulator hydraulics, high injection capacities, durable design and a controller that is easy to use.

The injection units are arranged in an L-shape, which Netstal said simplifies mounting and removing the molds. Netstal-Machinery Inc. is in Fitchburg, Mass.

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Dri-Air offers several new equipment items

Dri-Air Industries Inc. of East Windsor, Conn., introduced three new pieces of drying equipment.

The off-the-press PD-3 system has three hoppers for mixing resins and colorant just before moving them to the molding machine using Dri-Air's Closed Loop Loading System.

A patented 4-Bed dryer operates at a constant minus 40§ F dew point even in the most humid conditions.

The company said the unit has operated well at minus 100§ F dew point under normal operating conditions.

Dri-Air also introduced a motor-operated rotary valve that boosts air flow for faster material drying.

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