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PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. — Zappa Plastics Inc., an injection molder based in Phillipsburg, has completed a two-year upgrade of its equipment.

The company recently took delivery of the last of five Nissei presses with clamping forces of 130-200 tons. It has purchased 10 new presses and a complement of robots, sprue pickers and auxiliary equipment since 1995.

The new equipment will help boost sales—which were $12 million in 1996—by 30 percent this year, the company said. In 1995, Zappa reported sales of $10 million.

``The new presses give you better cycle time and better quality of parts,'' said sales manager Larry Maher. ``And every customer likes to know the age of your equipment.

``The new machines also offer statistical process control and have the capacity to produce instant printouts that many customers, especially parts engineers, want to see,'' he said in a telephone interview.

At its recently expanded 100,000-square-foot facility, Zappa operates 32 presses, with clamping forces of 120-730 tons. The subsidiary of E.J. Brooks Co. of Newark, N.J., makes products for a wide range of industries including electronics, medical and consumer goods.