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IRVINE, CALIF. — The Internet has been good to injection molder Sajar Plastics Inc. of Middlefield, Ohio, and the company is upgrading its Web site as a result, according to Joseph A. Bergen, president and chief executive officer.

Sajar ( first ventured onto the World Wide Web in August 1995 and several months later received an online inquiry from a firm in upstate New York that produces equipment used by computer makers to build their products. The firm was investigating converting some metal panels into plastic.

The contact led to a $150,000 purchase order for Sajar to develop and build tooling for that firm, which learned of Sajar's existence via the Web. Sajar now also will produce the plastic parts for the company, using gas-assisted injection molding.

``We sample the mold in July and go into development in August,'' said Bergen at the annual conference of the SPI Structural Plastics Division, of which he is division chairman.

Sajar's Web site, which is hosted by PolySort, an Akron, Ohio-based Internet polymer information service, also has begun serving other useful purposes. Bergen said that in the beginning most of the electronic mail Sajar received via its Web site came from students and other nonbuying types.

``Now we're getting more legitimate inquiries and requests for quotes,'' he said.

He said he also has found that new visitors are using the Web to acquaint themselves with Sajar's capabilities.

To that end, the firm has purchased a digital camera and plans to use it to put color photos of some of its products online. Next month, it also will add a request-for-quote form.

``We're still struggling [internally] to get our FTP site sorted out,'' Bergen said. Having a File Transfer Protocol site ``will help us send and receive customer design and technical files via the Internet.''

For each of the last couple months, Sajar's Web site is averaging about 175 visits and approximately 300 page requests.