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Plastics industry doesn't need PACs

Regarding your Page 6, March 17 Viewpoint (``On necessary evils & business realities'') that the plastics industry needs a political action committee, I would like to disagree.

In lieu of giving funds to candidates, I propose you assemble a network of people willing to contact members of Congress and state legislators with information on pertinent issues impacting the plastics industry.

If you develop a database of willing letter writers and supply them with background information and timely news about upcoming legislation, you will be much more effective than if you simply throw money at candidates.

For instance, I have a database of all the members of Congress from the states in which we do business, together with the names and addresses of all the state legislators in my home state.

I am able to send a personal note to all at the same time on issues of importance to me and my company and have only to sign each one.

I will also take issue with your implication that any responsible legislator would tell you that contribution is necessary to get a hearing.

This is simply not true.

PACs focus on supporting specific candidates, while the plastics industry is interested in raising issues.

When an industry supports a losing candidate, the winner tends to take less interest in issues supported by the PAC.

PACs tend to assume all members are of the same party and support the same candidates.

Charles Irvine

Prime Alliance

Des Moines, Iowa

Workplace accident article appreciated

This letter is in response to your March 3, Page 3 article about the death of Michael Geyer at Tailor Made Products Inc.

The news of this tragedy reminded our company once again of the devastating effects of an industrial accident.

We distributed the article to all of our employees and it has helped us all to recognize the importance of making safety a priority in our shop.

On behalf of the owners and employees of Grimm Bros. Plastics, I wish to extend my sympathies in the unfortunate death of this young man.

Your article has raised our awareness of potential work hazards and has served to strengthen our commitment to safety in the workplace.

Kent Grimm

Grimm Bros. Plastics Corp.

Wapello, Iowa