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Sentry system spots bottles with defects

Atlanta-based AccuSentry is targeting plastic bottle manufacturers with its Sentry 9000-B, a visual monitoring system.

The camera unit can inspect as many as 300 bottles per minute. Bottles that do not meet standards are rejected automatically and sorted according to the type of defect.

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Trimmer, deflashers offered by JBJ, M.C.

A new portable inline deflashing system is available from JBJ Products & Machinery Inc. of Williamston, Mich.

The Model 136 machine removes flash from the neck, shoulder and handle area of blow molded bottles and containers. Model 138 adds removal of tail flash. The machines can trim up to four bottles simultaneously.

JBJ's sister company, M.C. Molds Inc., also in Williamston, announced it has redesigned its DST-2000 dome scrap trimming machine. The redesign allowed M.C. Molds to cut the price by 50 percent.

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Milacron introduces 2 new technologies

Cincinnati Milacron Inc.'s Plastics Machinery Group in Batavia, Ohio, recently announced new technology in both blow molding and twin-screw extrusion.

Milacron has a new control system, called ``cascaded closed-loop control,'' that it says can solve problems with matching the push-out time for parts run on machines with two or more accumulator heads. The company said one part can finish first and be left hanging, losing temperature and stretching under its own weight.

Blow molding controllers automatically ``clock'' each parison, comparing movement and speed to what was programmed. If there is a discrepancy, the control changes the speed. The Milacron controller goes a step further, using a single ``master'' accumulator head as a reference to keep them all in synch, the company said.

The system coordinates all the heads, regardless of the shot weight or the number of heads.

Cascaded closed-loop control is part of Milacron's new Quality Tracking Systems package of control innovations to improve process consistency. All Milacron blow molding machines, including single-head machines, now come standard with Camac 486 controls running the new QTS.

In extrusion, Milacron announced it is offering application-specific replacement barrels and screws for parallel twin-screw extruders with screw diameters of 80-132 millimeters, and for conical twin-screw extruders from 35-92mm diameters.

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