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SÂO PAULO, BRAZIL—Ernst Spieth, a retired resin company official, was re-elected president of the Brazil Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers on April 17.

Spieth will serve a two-year term. He has been the interim president of the newly formed Brazil Section since it was created. In February, Spieth retired from polypropylene manufacturer Polibrasil SA Indstria e Comrcio Ltda. of Salvador, Brazil, where he was product development manager.

In the past year, the Brazilian SPE has grown from 35 members to 50 members, Spieth said at Brasilplast '97, held March 17-22 in SÌo Paulo.

SPE shared a booth with the Brazilian Polymers Association and the Institute of National Plastics. All three groups promote plastics education.

The Brazil Section meets monthly. Seminars and printed materials are the biggest draw.

``That's what is needed really, to get some international experience that is lacking in Brazil,'' Spieth said. ``There are already some basic courses, but we're trying to bring advanced material.''

Luiz Henriques, secretary of the Brazil Section, said SPE books are in demand.

``You can get information at a very high level, and at very cheap costs,'' he said.

Henriques is manager of research and development for SÌo Paulo-based compounder Branco Indstria e Comrcio Ltda.

Other 1997-98 officers are: Vice President Edson Roberto Simielli, director of Nitriflex SA, a SÌo Paulo resin maker; and Treasurer Nelson Semeraro, president of plastics machinery maker IrmÌos Semeraro Ltd. of SÌo Paulo.

Despite the section's progress, Spieth wants more members.

``I'm not too happy because it's going relatively slowly. We're hoping here at the fair to attract new members,'' he said.

Spieth also wants a large delegation of Brazilians to attend SPE's annual technical conference, April 28-May 2 in Toronto.

``Antec is the best advertisement for SPE,'' he said.

So far this year, the section has hosted four seminars on topics such as blow molding, extrusion and recycling, and issued four newsletters.