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WASHINGTON—Northwest Airlines Corp. is cooperating with the Consumer Product Safety Commission's plastic bucket awareness campaign, after the airline said it inadvertently placed an advertisement in USA Today showing a toddler sticking his head into a large plastic bucket.

The plastics industry and the federal government launched an education campaign in 1990, after several toddlers drowned in 5-gallon buckets. The Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. of Washington sent Northwest of Eagan, Minn., a letter May 2 congratulating it on removing the ad and cooperating with CPSC. A Northwest spokesman said he did not know what the airline is contributing to CPSC's campaign, and said the ad was scheduled to run for only one day during the week of April 28.

The ad touts air fares and features a toddler sticking his head into a plastic bucket, above the caption: ``Looking for a new vacation spot?''