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Engineer gets award for biofilter system

TOLEDO, OHIO — The Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Association awarded an engineer from 3R$ company the Innovative Use Award for developing a new method for eliminating odors and hazardous fumes from recycling and solid waste composting facilities.

The biofilter system was designed by Marsun Lipsit, an environmental engineer with London, Ontario-based 3R$. The system uses large amounts of corrugated PE pipe.

Stainless steel fans draw fresh air in and foul air out through 50-foot-by-400-foot corrugated PE drainage pipes. The air is filtered ``through layers of stone and organic material and becomes oxygenated and naturally sweet-smelling before it is released into the atmosphere,'' Lipsit said in a news release.

He designed the system with PE pipe because it will not decay from water and gaseous vapors as metal pipe would.

3R$ installed Canada's largest composting and recycling biofilter system at Three County Recycling & Composting's plant in Aylmer, Ontario, using about 1,500 feet of 30-inch-diameter perforated and solid corrugated pipe and 5,600 feet of 8-inch-diameter pipe.

The Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Association is in Toledo.

Hudnut receives grant to develop equipment

PORTLAND, ORE. — Hudnut Industries Inc. of Portland received a $400,000 Department of Energy grant for development and demonstration of its ReCyclotron equipment.

The ReCyclotron is the core component of a thermal densification system designed to reprocess polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene. Foam or film is fed into a conventional grinder and conveyed to the reaction chamber. Volatile foam gases are vented out of the system. Material is floated in a hot-air bath where it shrivels and shrinks to the point where it is too small and dense to stay suspended in the air stream. The material then falls out of the system and is blown into a storage silo.

ReCyclotron, developed by Carl and Ken Goehner, can process and densify about 15 truckloads of foam down to one truckload, according to the company.