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In addition to the numerous innovations in primary equipment, some manufacturers of process controllers will feature new products at NPE 1997.

Barber-Colman Co. (Booth N5110): New I/A Series software for Windows NT for plantwide automation; new OPtima flat panel stations and Lite operator stations for Maco controllers; an editor program that lets Maco users modify machine sequence relay ladder diagram logic programs using Windows NT; and a new Maco 5000E EZ controller for extrusion.

For blow molding: a card for acceleration and deceleration of Maco controllers called EZ Pro; Breeze, a retrofit parison-only blow molding machine control to replace existing slide switch and pin-only parison programmers. Three new, lower-cost control products with an open chassis configuration.

Kistler Instrument Corp. (Booth S1538): Type 5881A control and monitor uses artificial intelligence to automatically determine the optimum switch-over point between the injection phase and the holding phase.

Mattec Corp. (Booths S238, S338): The ProHelp Millennium Series, release 2.6, with condensed historical reporting so managers can track a rolling, five-year summary of plant operation on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

An "inventory and bill of materials" feature that allows the user to obtain up-to-the-minute production data, track specific materials usage and update inventory levels.

The ProHelp Millennium Series for extruders can monitor 96 process readings, including melt temperature, barrel pressure, die pressures, screw speed, screw motor load and take-up speed.

A low-cost machine analyzer for statistical process control.

Nicollet Process Engineering Inc. (Booth N6515): Production Management Reporting System, a Windows-based injection molding production monitoring system that displays processing data at work stations on the plant floor and, through host-level computing systems, reports to company management in real time.

RJG Technologies Inc. (Booth N4469): A DartVision plantwide monitoring system that displays all processing information on a single screen and gathers data for each cycle of every machine.

The DartPak portable analysis kit, which identifies and solves injection molding problems by sorting out whether they are related to the mold, the machine, the material or process setup issues.

DartScanner can sort inconsistent, bad parts that result from varying melt-flow characteristics when the manifold drops out of balance.

Solid Controls Inc. (Booth S706): The Scoremaster 97 machine controller for injection molding.