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Software manufacturers will be looking through Windows next month at NPE in Chicago.

A host of new Windows-based software programs for plastics processors and mold makers will be introduced at the show, many with expanded features to increase design and production efficiency.

The following companies are among the exhibitors displaying new or upgraded computer-based products:

AC Technology North America Inc. (Booth E9050): Molding simulation software built for streamlined Internet access using the company's existing C-Mold software.

B&L Information Systems Inc. (Booth E9927): Integrated management information system for the plastics industry, called the BLIS-400.

CGTech (Booth N6814): Latest version of Vericut 3.3 software program that virtually eliminates the proving-out process for numerically controlled mold-making programs.

Data Technical Research Inc. (Booth N5322): Windows-based version of the Manufacturing Manager software package for use in single- or multiple-plant facilities.

Delcam International Inc. (Booth E11544): Improvements to its draft angle shading software.

Epos Corp. (Booth E9519): Windows-based version of EPM series production monitoring system for processors.

Hunkar Laboratories Inc. (Booth N4848): New software allowing the use of off-the-shelf Windows systems for creating custom reports and data management configurations. Matrix open-architecture product for process monitoring and machine terminal applications.

IQ Management Systems Inc. (Booth N6714): Update of office and plant software for Windows 95 with real-time production monitoring and inventory management.

Madison Group Corp. Polymer Processing Research (Booth E10611): MiniFlow injection mold filling simulation and MCBase material data merge program for Windows.

Minolta Corp. (Booth N6506): SpectraMatch color formulation and quality-control software for Windows.

Moldflow Pty. Ltd. (Booth N6503): Plastics simulation software for design, analysis and production of the injection molding process and a plastic part verification program.

Raytek Corp. (Booth E11916): Thermalert MP40 line scanner software to improve thermal image output along a continuous process line.

Scientific Process & Research Inc. (Booth S438): Updated Extrud 97 package of extrusion simulation software for Windows 95.

Stress Engineering Services Inc. (Booth S3054): Computer-based technology for predicting the functional performance of plastic parts, packages and components.

TSM Control Systems (Booth N6901): A Windows-based coextrusion line-control console along with integrated vacuum loading and weigh-hopper feeder control.