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NPE is one of the rare global shows where attendees can see a wide range of extrusion equipment, including operating blown film lines.

In addition to film, exhibitors will feature a variety of pipe, profile, tubing, sheet and compounding extruders.

Adaptive Optics Associates Inc. (Booth E11816): Advisor plastic web inspection system for real-time detection and characterization of black specs and gels.

Addex Inc. (Booth E9256): New 90-millimeter extruder with a length-to-diameter ratio of 30:1; a new constant path oscillator; and a new digital internal bubble cooling system.

Akron Extruders Inc. (Booth N5528): Newly designed M-Pak 150 and 150 T extruders. Available in floor and tilt models and featuring simplified height adjustment and easy-access control cabinet.

Allied Dies Inc. (Booth E10934): New company for film and sheet extrusion flat die reworking.

American Leistritz Extruder Corp. (Booth S217): ZSE-27, a 27mm modular twin-screw extruder demonstrating devolatilization and compounding and connected to downstream sheet equipment, including the firm's new three-roll calendering stack.

First North American showing of models ZSE-60 and ZSE-75—60mm and 75mm twin-screw extruders featuring modular barrels and electric cartridge heaters.

American Maplan Corp. (Booths S1400, S1800), owned by Battenfeld GmbH, will show a twin-screw extruder with 168mm screw diameter, billed as the world's largest extruder for processing rigid PVC; a single-screw extruder for polyethylene pipe; a double spider extrusion head for pipe; and new downstream vacuum calibrators for pipe and profiles.

A.R. Engineering Machine Inc. (Booth N6928): Compact blown PE film line with 3-inch dual-lip air ring and 16-foot tower; a 12-inch dual-lip air ring; a three-layer coextrusion blow molding head; and a Quad blow molding head with three layers per parison for post-consumer material.

Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co. Inc. (Booths S1400, S1800): A seven-layer blown film line with a U.S.-made gravimetric blending system, with a new oscillating haul-off for film that moves up and down to change the nip roll center line; a low-profile die with built-in internal bubble cooling plenum; a lay-flat control system to measure bubble diameter; a film winder with automatic roll removal; and a foam sheet extrusion line.

Bellaform Extrusionstechnik GmbH (Booth N4482): Extrusion line for production of liquid packaging.

Berlyn/Clay Group Inc. (Booth N5300): New Challenger Series of extruders featuring new low-pressure, air flow cooling system, continuous filter with multizoned, closed-loop temperature-control system. New underwater pelletizer with rigid cutter; new coextruder that resists tipping over. Slide-plate screen changers, dies, calcinators, air strippers.

Berstorff Corp. (Booth N5507): First North American showing of comprehensively redesigned ZE 75-A Ultra Torque twin-screw extruder, with a high-speed option to produce as much as 6,000 pounds of engineering plastics an hour. Redesigned ZE 25 and ZE 40 twin-screw extruders, with modular systems for easy reconfiguration and incremental increases in production. Compact Consolette for process monitoring and control of extruders up to 50 horsepower. New UWG underwater pelletizer with greater pellet uni- formity and reduced downtime.

Betol Machinery Ltd. (Booth N4316): Medical tubing coextrusion line featuring new AP25 adjustable plane, 1-inch extruder and new programmable cutter with over 100 recipe possibilities.

Black Clawson Converting Machinery Corp. (Booth N4422): New S3 stackable blown film die; new TriStar winder for stretch film; new screws for cast and blown film. Improved ROI die with Autobolt system for extrusion coating and improved pelletizer die plate.

Boston Matthews Inc. (Booth N5852): Complete range of extrusion equipment, including Farris pullers, plus extruders, calibration equipment and cutters.

Brampton Engineering Inc. (Booth E9302): New three-layer blown film coextrusion line featuring Italycs II control system and new 3 Sigma auto gauge-control air ring.

Dial-A-Gap will demonstrate ``on the fly'' die gap changes on the line, which has an improved version of Airfoil IBC internal bubble cooling system mounted on Brampton's SCD die.

New CPC32DT series of Dual Turret Winder designed for U.S. market. First showing of driven-roller collapsing frame to control film wrinkles. Unique tower takes less time to assemble, allowing setup with 45-foot nip height at NPE.

Buss America Inc. (Booth N5039): Buss Kneader compounding extruders from new lab-size 30mm models to 70mm version for small-lot production. They feature modular design for economical construction, and various processing options for engineering resins and highly filled materials.

Century Specialties/Century Extruders (Booth N5458): New 70mm high-torque gear box and 70mm side feeder. Century CX 30mm and CX 92mm extruders; sectioned barrel.

Cincinnati Milacron Inc. (Booths S2130, S2330): Two new twin-screw extrusion systems, the Atlas parallel and the Pinnacle E65 conical. Both extruders have small footprints. Maximum output, for flexible PVC pelletizing, is 1,000 pounds an hour for the Pinnacle and 1,900 pounds an hour for the Atlas. A CM92 twin-screw conical extruder will demonstrate Milacron's Material Enhancement Delivery System.

Corelco sarl (Booth N6008): Corrugated pipe machinery from 4-260mm in diameter using polyolefins, vinyls and other materials. Machines run by pressure or vacuum. New models make corrugated insulation tubes directly around cable or pipe.

Plastic netting machinery for square meshes as wide as 78 inches.

Cullom Machine Tool & Die (Booth E9909): Upgraded track system on 2-6-90 corrugator for corrugated PE pipe.

Davis-Standard Corp. (Booths N5016, N5028): A twin-screw compounding extruder that boasts increased output levels, the Alpha Class D-Tex, with a 96.5mm screw diameter. Two new Gemini parallel twin-screw extruders, the GP94mm, and the GP114mm equipped with a GPH 160 preheater, a parallel heated co-rotating feeder mounted on the extruder. The Fibermaster II for extruding fibers.

For blown film, the WesJet Air Ring II for low-melt strength materials, such as linear low density PE and metallocene resins.

Drossbach GmbH & Co. KG (Booth E9642): Corrugated pipe production systems, including new HD250 with improved cooling system and wide production range, from 40mm internal diameter to 280mm outer diameter.

The latest in corrugated technologie, including triple walls for sewage; pipe with diameters as large as 48 inches; and in-line belling for double-wall pipe with diameters as large as 36 inches.

Extrusion Dies Inc. (Booth N5257): First showing of Ultraflex flexible-preland commercial flat die and feed block with flexible, stainless-steel membrane upstream of die lip for better gauge control and web properties.

New Ultraflow I-S feed block, a modular system for changing coextrusion layer sequence in cast film, sheet and coatings, without disassembling feed block.

Heavy-duty, fast deckling system mounted on hinged bracket for 180-degree swing. New microgrinding capability for die production.

Autoflex VI-A computer-controlled die and Fast Gap system for setting die gaps. Multiflow V manifold for better coextrusion uniformity. Proteus coextrusion feed block to eliminate interfacial deformation.

Facts Inc. (Booth E11611): New PQM extrusion process quality monitor. Provides statistical quality control for melt pressure, temperature and drive load on full graphics display.

Filmaster Inc. (Booths N5700, N5902): High-output single-screw extruder for blown film with monolayer oscillating and dual-lip air ring. Available in extruder diameters from one-half to 6 inches.

Economical, fixed-shaft, cantilevered torque drive winder for bags on a roll, and construction and agricultural film. Running widths of 24-60 inches and finished roll diameter of 12 inches.

Friul Mac Inc. (Booth S773): Extrusion line can make foamed PVC one-piece door panels that resist fire and weather.

Future Design Inc. (Booth S2902): Saturn Maximizer dual-lip air ring for blown film and Saturn Micro air ring for lab-scale use. The latest technology for Saturn Maximizer air rings include the Robert Stack, featuring multiple stacked air rings for enhanced bubble cooling; an automatic centering system for bubble control, guiding and air flow diagnostics; and the Window Everest Bubble, demonstrating technology to protect the frost line from ambient and shadow heats.

Also, continuous screen changers; and treater stations.

HPM Corp. (Booths S2430, S2447): A 21/2-inch, high-speed Prodex compounding system with an automatic screen changer, water-ring pelletizer and related pellet-handling equipment, with mixing and throughput capabilities rivaling twin-screw extruders.

HGL-2 configurable three-roll stack sheet line, a 41/2-inch extruder, screen changer, sheet and die cart and related downstream equipment.

Also 2-, 21/2- and 31/2-inch Prodex I models for pipe and profile extrusion, new screw designs and control consoles.

ICMA San Giorgio SpA (Booth N4055): New co-rotating twin-screw extruders with new gear boxes featuring modular design and increased power vs. firm's earlier models. Speeds as fast as 500 revolutions per minute and available in sizes from 35-170mm.

JLN Corp. (Booth N5300): Extruder rebuilding services. Displaying rebuilt Davis Standard 31/2-inch extruder.

D.R. Joseph Inc. (Booth N5294): LFC1 lay-flat controller designed for noninternal bubble cooling provides automatic inflation and lay-flat control on blown film lines. Features below-the-nip sensing.

Kiefel Inc. (Booth E9102): New in North America, Compex 100 SA/26D grooved feed extruder; HLDK 2/300 dual-lip air ring for long-neck high density PE bubbles; QAR 1600 V vertical oscillating haul-off for 1,600mm film; Rollex 1600 P1.A automatic surface winder for tubing as wide as 1,600mm.

Kleinewefers Kunststoffanlagen GmbH (Booth E11418): Technology and engineering services for calendering production lines.

Kobelco Stewart Bolling Inc. (Booth N4776): NEX-T60A continuous compounding mixer extruder, featuring triangular rotors at speeds as fast as 1,200 rpm over a hot-feed single-screw extruder for quality pelletizing. Mixing chamber moves axially for quick color change.

Krauss-Maffei Corp., Extrusion Division (Booth S1367): New C4 microprocessor control to monitor all quality process parameters such as torque, melt-pressure, temperature and haul-off speed; a KMD2-90/26D and KMD2-130/26D, two of Krauss-Maffei's new generation of parallel twin-screw extruders; an updated KMD2-60KK/HP extruder that includes a 50-horsepower main motor and dosing feeder with servo gear.

Maris division of American Jet Stream Inc. (Booth S773): PW series of co-rotating, intermeshing twin-screw extruders, with new gear box design for 30 percent more torque.

Merritt Davis Corp. (Booth N4276): Millennium cast/coating system with speeds as fast as 600 feet per minute. Medical tubing extruders in three-quarter-inch and 11/4-inch screw diameters, with double-reduction gear reducers. Vanguard 31/2-inch extruders with double-reduction gear reducers. Polycycle reclaim system for film and fiber with ram stuffer for homogeneous melt. Complete wire and cable systems.

Plast-Control Inc. (Booth 9055): New Pro-Lab off-line measurement system for film and sheet with noncontact gauge and Windows-based software. New Pro-Con, a lower-cost control system for blown film lines, with noncontact sensor, segmented cooling ring and software. LRC3200AS controller for individual-layer thickness in coextrusion.

Plastquip Inc. (Booth E11010): Luigi Bandera line of extrusion equipment; Tria granulating equipment; Gillard cutters and pullers; Campagner extrusion tooling.

Pomini Inc. (Booth N6307): Compounding demonstrations of highly filled materials on LCM-AX twin-screw mixer with axial discharge. It combines long continuous mixer and co-rotation twin-screw technologies in one unit.

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