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Service firms at NPE seem to have beefed up their multimedia training programs and computerized information offerings dramatically this time around.

Companies and organizations also will be offering information on markets, relocation incentives and cleaning systems. The following exhibitors provided Plastics News with details of their show plans.

Akron Rubber Development Laboratory Inc.'s Plastics Testing Division (Booth E10334): Small-batch twin-screw mixing for compound development.

Canadian Association of Moldmakers (Booth E9737M

New York State Electric and Gas Corp. (Booth E9942): Business support services, such as site selection, engineering support and help with regulatory compliance, mainly in the 44 counties that make up the New York State Economic Energy Zone.

Nicos Polymers & Grinding Inc. (Booth N4385): Fiber separation from reinforced materials, such as garden hoses and roofing membranes, to recover scrap and cut-offs with minimal problems for reuse.

One on One Computer Services Inc. (Booth E11937): Upgraded version of its Tori administration and production software, which allows companies to track the manufacturing process from order entry to shipping and invoicing.

Paulson Training Programs Inc. (Booth E11505): New extrusion and extrusion blow molding CD-ROM training courses that include intuitive user interface, audio text narration and ``write-in'' features for student comments; injection molding simulator that provides operators with realistic setup and problem-solving training.

Plastic Network/Commerx Inc. (Booth S1438A): First-time demonstrations of secure online ordering and electronic catalog services.

Plastics Technology Laboratories Inc. (Booth S3021): Instron testers, with upgraded capabilities that include fully automated analysis from tensile, flexural and compressive evaluations to complex extensometry; multiple-channel strain gauging; the latest colorimeter and haze equipment; refractor equipment for measurements in plastic glazing applications.

Polymer Cleaning Technology Inc. (Booth E8729): Procedure for cleaning hot valves down to the melt channels while they are fully assembled. Most manifolds can be turned around in 24 hours.

Rapra Technology Ltd. and Corex Design Group Inc. (Booth E9928): CD-ROM plastics library and consultant KBS Plastics; new version of Fillcalc mold-filling analysis software for simulating injection and compression molding; plastics engineering and testing services.

Reedy International Corp. (Booth N4749): Consulting services for companies using microcellular foam in thermoplastics.

Resin Management Corp. (Booth E9935): Plastics reprocessor, offering densified compounding feedstocks from engineering-grade films, fibers and fines; SV-70D rotating disc densifier.

Roanoke Valley Economic De-velopment Partnership (Booth N6135): Industrial marketing and recruiting company representing seven western Virginia localities.

A. Routsis Associates Inc. (Booth N4694): Interactive CD-ROM training program with more than 60 titles on such topics as injection molding basics, molding modulation, advanced processing, maintenance and safety and plastic part design.

Silicone Products & Technology Inc. (Booth E8342): Hot-stamping and heat-transfer decorating services.

Society of the Plastics Industry Inc.'s Campus database and ISO Communications Committee (Booth N4542): On-site computer running Campus Version 4.0 software; properties database for various resins; educational outreach materials from ISO committee that promotes uniform global testing standards.

Phillip Townsend Associates Inc. (Booth E9531): Upgraded Plastics Buyers Profile software that describes 9,000 active thermoplastics converting sites in North America, and identifies resin suppliers, volumes purchased, processing equipment used and products.