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Recycling-related companies at NPE 1997 will be featuring separation systems that use magnets, electrostatics and air filtration. Other companies will be showing pelletizing equipment and plastic lumber.

Screen-changing companies are spotlighting continuous and manual screen changers and new back-flushing operations. The following firms plan to exhibit products at the show.

Advanced Detection Systems (Booth E10344): Model 9100 metal detector for regrinding and recycling.

Bovram Screen Changers Inc. (Booth E11434): Two continuous production screen changers, CLF907 and CLF694.

Bunting Magnetics Co. (Booth N4416): Torpedo magnets, which trap stray metal in the product stream before the plastic reaches the molding machine.

Carpco Inc. (Booth N6925): V-Stat electrostatic separator for recovery of PVC from wire tailings.

Cleveland Vibrator Co. (Booth N4999): Single-deck vibrating screener to remove oversize material and fine powder from plastic regrind. Features a ball tray deck to relieve blinding of screen openings.

Erema North America Inc. (Booth E8029): RGA 70T producing pellets from high-molecular-weight high density polyethylene film scrap, at rates as fast as 500 pounds per hour.

Gneuss Inc. (Booth N4456): Continuous and process-constant screen changers, KSF 110x1 and KSF 75x2/S, with fully automated systems, high-pressure back flushing in a closed system and an improved compact design.

Hamos USA (Booth E11634): Recycling and separation systems — HS all-metal detection and separation system for plastic pellets or granules, and EKS electronic separation system for comingled plastics. Plus, the KWS Series system for separating dry, powdery or granular mixtures of metals and plastics.

Julien Environmental Technology division of Norsemen SA (Booth N5932): Three standard machine groups for processing comingled plastic waste to produce: profiles, pallets and large, multidimensional products for various applications.

Key Filters Inc. (Booth E9041): Chiva manual screen changer and KCNC continuous screen changer, a new version of the model KCN with simplified controls.

Mid-Atlantic Plastic Systems Inc. (Booth N5932): Recycled plastic lumber molding systems in 16-foot lengths.

Munchy Ltd. (Booth N6242): New vented Munchy reprocessing machine, with a 90-millimeter-diameter extruder for plastic with high percentages of ink content or materials with excessive moisture or additives.

T&T Technology (Booth S162): Fines-Sep plastics fines separation system with air washer, cyclone with industrial fan, adjustable air-flow setting and optional attachment for integration with T&T's Met-Sep nonferrous metal separators.

Trendelkamp LP (Booth E9058): Task combination continuous screen changer with melt diverter or start-up valve.