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The resin rainbow will gain a few shades at NPE, June 16-20 in Chicago.

The five-day show also will mark the debuts of many new compounds and alloys. Here's a look at some of the new materials show-goers can expect to see.

Aclo Compounders Inc. (Booth E9737S): Accucomp, a copolymer polyacetal available in low-flow/high-viscosity, medium-flow/ medium-viscosity and high-flow/ low-viscosity grades.

Accutech, a mineral-filled polypropylene available in homopolymer and copolymer, that offers increased impact strength and scratch resistance.

AlliedSignal Plastics (Booths S2523, E10901): New materials and applications covering aerospace and automotive products, chemicals, fibers and plastics.

Alternative Rubber & Plastics Inc. (Booth E9931): Nitriflex-brand ABS and ABS alloy resins.

Ashland Chemical Co. General Polymers Division (Booth S2123): A systematic molding concept and other innovations in technical service and support.

Ashley Polymers Inc. (Booth N4536): Two new series of polycarbonate resins — flame-retardant and Underwriters Laboratories-rated series. A glass-rein- forced polybutylene terephthalate polyester resin that maintains mechanical and electrical properties in all types of environments.

BASF Corp. (Booth S330): Display of how BASF plastics are used in the automotive, computer, recreational and toy industries.

B&F Plastics — Rubber Inc. (Booth E10233): TirePlast recycled tire and polyethylene elastomers and WoodPlast recycled wood-flour and PP composites.

Chronopol Inc. (Booth N5485): Heplon polylactide polymer and copolymer resins for shrink-free, melt-blown and air-laid nonwoven fabrics. Heplon can take on flexible qualities like PE or PVC, or be made into rigid form like polystyrene.

Colorite Polymers Co. (Booth E11024): New PVC resins and alloys from the company's Cybertech Polymers division; and Unichem 95-950P, a flexible PVC compound from the company's Unichem division. Also several new alloys designed as replacements for nylons, polyurethanes and other resins.

Cytec Industries Inc. (Booths S1616, S1711): New, lightweight polyester thermoset bulk molding compound in Cyglas-brand line that is 20 percent lighter than current polyester thermoset BMC materials.

Daicel Polymers Inc. (Booth N4017): CR-210 alloy, which has the attributes of high-flow PC with enhanced chemical resistance for use in computer housings, small appliances and stringent flame-retardant electrical applications.

Transparent T-140 ABS, featuring high clarity, low haze, high flow and low shrinkage, designed to replace PC.

Cevian DR-620 PC-based alloy, with high-impact strength and thermal stability.

ABS alloys designed to be more compatible with laser marking technology, especially for such applications as computer keyboards.

Diamond Polymers Inc. (Booth E8319): Several new ABS, ABS/polycarbonate and acrylic styrene acrylonitrile resins and alloys.

Dow Plastics (Booth N4816): Questra-brand crystalline polymers, Elite-brand enhanced polyethylene resins, Aim advanced styrenic resins and new polypropylene resins, which can be used in automotive, consumer, electronics, recreation and other markets.

DuPont Dow Elastomers (Booth S2411): Engage polyolefin elastomers, designed for outstanding processibility and versatile performance. Tyrin chlorinated polyethylene, designed as an impact modifier for home building and office equipment uses. Viton FreeFlow fluoroelastomers, designed to eliminate melt fracture and reduce die buildup.

DuPont Engineering Polymers (Booth S2411): Zytel DMX modified nylon resin, for smaller, lighter products with thinner walls and lower costs than existing materials. HR series of Crastin-brand PBT thermoplastic polyester resins, developed to meet the needs of various electrical and electronic components for automotive applications.

Eastman Chemical Co. (Booth N5008): A variety of resins used in such industries as automotive, appliance, beverage, food, medical and packaging.

EMS-American Grilon Inc. (Booth E9430): Grilamid TR 90 transparent, amorphous nylon developed for use in filter bowls, eyeglass frames, medical products and flow meters and suitable for a variety of consumer and industrial applications.

Fiberite Inc. (Booth E11020): Enduron-brand thermoset sheet molding compound made of phenolic resin and graphite, Kevlar or glass fibers. Designed for thin-walled electronic enclosure applications such as laptop, notebook and palm-top computers.

Firestone Textiles Co. (Booth E10116): Nylon 6 resins for injection molding and compounding.

GE Plastics (Booths S2311, S2323): Weatherables-brand resin group, including Geloy ASA, Valox PBT, Xenoy PBT/PC alloy) and Lexan PC resins that show high performance in outdoor applications.

MD133, a new blend of Ultem and polyphenylene oxide; a new Noryl GTX resin for the automotive industry; and four new grades of Cycoloy PC/ABS resin, including two grades for automotive applications and two for the business machine market.

Company details its NPE activities on a special area of its Web site:

GLS Corp. (Booth N5536): New Versaflex line of thermoplastic elastomer alloys, an extension of GLS' customized Dynaflex-brand TPE compounds, based partly on Shell Chemical Co.'s Kraton TPE technology.

BFGoodrich Specialty Plastics (Booth S2423): Estane-brand rubberlike product portfolio. Three new TempRite-brand engineered thermoplastic products — cellular chlorinated PVC material and CIM 190 and 220 compounds. New automotive application for Telene-brand engineered resins.

M.A. Hanna Co. (Booth S52147): New colorants for PET stretch blow molding. Lubricated wear-resistant engineered resins. Custom-formulated TPEs with unique adhesion properties. Filled PP for metal replacement, high heat and dimensional stability. Custom compounds for automotive applications. Specialty materials for sealants.

Longwood Plastics Inc. (Booth N6908): PC water-bottle regrind, reprocessed pellets, clear and white PVC rigid sheet scrap and regrind.

LNP Engineering Plastics (Booth N5481): New injection-compression molding process preserves fiber length in LNP's Verton long-glass-fiber-reinforced composites. The process increases the physical properties of such finished automotive parts as load floors, sunroof liners, seat backs and door panels.

Maine Plastics Inc. (Booth N7020): Custom PVC flexible compounds with varying colors, durometers and specific gravities.

Modern Dispersions Inc. (Booth N7009): New conductive high-impact PS compound for molding and sheet and film extrusion.

Montell Polyolefins (Booth S2400): Featuring polyolefin solutions for the automotive, packaging, medical, building, construction, appliance, industrial, textile and consumer markets. New highly weatherable Hivalloy W resins, and new grades of resins for industrial and consumer uses.

MRC Polymers (Booth E8755): New PC/ABS alloy.

Multibase (Booth N4585): Multi-Flex TPEs for adhering to ABS, PC and polymethyl methacrylate. Scratch-resistant TPEs for air-bag covers. Multi-Flam flame-retardant PP products.

Multi-Flex TEA primerless TPE compounds for automotive and other painted applications. Sur-Flex PU/ABS resins for high-impact, moderate-cost applications. Plus its Multi-PPO line of PC/ABS and nylon/PP alloys, designed to replace glass-reinforced products with mineral filler.

Natural Fiber Composites Inc. (Booth E9763): Wood-Com compounded, pelletized wood or paper fiber/plastic composite feedstock. Can incorporate a wide variety of resins. Produced for injection molding, extrusion and thermoforming.

Network Polymers Inc. (Booth E8319): Softflex TPE alloys.

New England Urethane Inc. (Booth N4756): Custom compounding for medical and nonmedical TPEs.

Nippisun Indiana Corp. (Booth E10029): New polyolefins, engineering resins and color concentrates.

Plastics Engineering Co. (Booth S2474): New line of thermoplastic polyester engineering resins developed and manufactured using 100 percent recycled PET.

Plastics Group of America (Booth E9619): Polifil-brand glass-reinforced PCs, offering exceptional stiffness and impact strength.

Also, the company's new Resin Kit, a catalog of more than 50 of its thermoplastic resins, and a new barrel-grinding service to recycle high density PE 55-gallon drums.

Recubrimientos Plasticos SA de CV (Booth E10216): Adiplast compound for polyethylene film processors gives paper characteristics to extruded film, and is good for such items as shopping bags, courier envelopes and plastic gloves.

Rexene Corp. (Booth N4655): New REXflex-brand flexible polyolefins, combining the heat resistance, processability and strength of polypropylene with the softness and flexibility of polyethylene and ethylene vinyl acetate polymers.

Also new, REXell linear low density PE, which will be manufactured with specialized grades of higher-alpha-olefin copolymer beginning in late 1998.

Shell Chemical Co. (Booth S1323): Carilon aliphatic polyketones with a range of balance and performance properties superior to conventional engineering thermoplastics.

Corterra polymers based on poly trimethylene terephthalate.

Hipertuf-brand polyethylene naphthalate resins, which offer hotter fill temperatures, better chemical resistance and improved gas and ultraviolet-light barriers.

Kraton liquid polymers for coatings, adhesives, sealants and polymer modification.

Sunkyong Industries (Booth N4885): New polybutylene terephthalates, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers, thermoplastic polyester elastomers, polyphenylene sulfides, biodegradable polymers and polyester adhesives.

Teknor Apex Co. (Booth E9546): Thermoplastic olefin elastomers that are drier and softer to the touch than ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber-based TPOs, provide better mechanical properties and greater weathering resistance and cost 25 percent less.

TP Composites Inc. (Booth E10629): A new series of reinforced and lubricated PET thermoplastic polyester composites: glass-fiber-reinforced grades; a glass-fiber-reinforced, flame-retardant grade; a 30 percent glass-fiber/15 percent polytetrafluoroethylene-lubricated grade; and a series of glass-fiber/mineral-hybrid grades.

TP Composites said these products offer outstanding thermal and chemical resistance, enhanced wear resistance and other attributes for use in automotive, electrical/electronic, consumer, furniture and industrial applications.

Also new, a series of utility grades of nylon 6 and nylon 6/6 resins.

Union Carbide Corp. (Booth S2611): Booth to feature a joint venture between Union Carbide and Exxon Chemical Co. to research, develop, market and license Carbide's Unipol-brand PE process and Exxon's metallocene catalyst systems and super-condensed-mode technology.