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Suppliers of pigments, purging compounds, color concentrates and mold releases will be among the firms exhibiting chemicals and additives at NPE.

Ampacet Corp. (Booth S323): New series of metallocene-based concentrates containing such additives as anti-blocks, slips, process aids, anti-stats and ultraviolet-light inhibitors.

B.I. Chemicals Inc. (Booth S430): New Hydrocerol endothermic foaming agents for low-temperature processing of polyolefins. New foaming agents for rigid PVC.

New applications laboratory and manufacturing facility in Winchester, Va.

Cabot Corp. (Booth N6919): Carbon blacks, including Food and Drug Administration-compliant, UV-stable, and fine-denier grades.

Columbian Chemicals Co. (Booth E9038): New carbon blacks, including high-color and conductive grades.

Day-Glo Color Corp. (Booth E8134): Fluorescent pigments, including new shades and a liquid version for plastisols that provides lightfastness and brightness.

ECC International (Booth N4369): New white mineral concentrate developments, including FilmLink additive technology for polyolefin films and Zytocal for polyolefin injection and blow molding.

EM Industries Inc. (Booth E11131): Pearlescent pigments, including Lazer Flair LS types that are receptive to laser marking and coding. Supernova White large-particle-size pearlescent for silver sparkle effect.

Englehard Corp. (Booth S1186): New cost-effective, heat-stable Engeltone organic colorants, including orange and green-shade yellow for closures, and yellows for general use.

F.M. Group Inc. (Booth E9918): New X-Tone designer color concentrates for stone effects, including dark and metallic shades.

Holliday Pigments Ltd. (Booth E11638): Ultramarine blue suitable for transparent PET packaging because of low moisture content and very fine particle size.

Kenrich Petrochemicals Inc. (Booth E9728): Anti-static agents at 50 percent loading in pellets based on Akzo Nobel's Micro Porous low density polyethylene technology. Titanates and zirconates that lower injection molding cycles, improve part strength, and functionalize pigments and fillers.

Loctite Corp. (Booth E11241): Several visible-light curing, one-part, solvent-free adhesives for industrial parts.

Milliken Chemical (Booth E8634): High-clarity polypropylene parts made via plug-assist pressure forming and clarifying agent Millad 3988.

Thin-wall injection molded clarified PP parts.

Morton International Inc. (Booth S1104): New LC-PRO metering pump with improved head design and roller bearings for Morton's Injecta Color line of liquid colorants.

Obron Atlantic Corp. (Booth E11534): New aluminum pigments with large particle size for metal-like appearance while avoiding flow lines in injection molding. Encapsulated bronze pigments with better heat stability.

PQ Corp. (Booth N4660): BurnEx flame retardant for ABS maintains Izod strength and translucency for efficient deep coloration.

Prayon Pigments/Quadra Corp. (Booth N5468): Ultramarine blue pigment manufactured using a continuous process for higher purity.

ReedSpectrum (Booth N4328): New high-temperature color concentrates designed for DuPont Co.'s Zenite liquid crystal polymer. Enhanced concentrates that reduce gas and other volatiles in acetal resins.

CoMES proprietary color-matching system.

Reedy International Corp. (Booth N4749): New endothermic foaming agents for engineering resins and mica colorants for granite effects. Extrusion equipment for plastic lumber and new inert gas metering and injection systems.

Shuman Plastics (Booth E8426): Demonstration of Dyna-Purge purging compounds on table-top extruder supplied by Wayne Machine & Die Co.

Slide Products Inc. (Booth S1071): Portable purging compound. Mold releases and cleaners made without methylene chloride.

Stoner Inc. (Booth S2830): Range of spray-on mold releases with no chlorinated solvents for thermoplastics and thermosets.

Struktol Co. (Booth E9527): Zinc stearate in bead and pellet forms.

Teknor Color Co. (Booth E9546): New Ultracolor concentrates in bead form with high pigment loadings that allow material savings and use less warehouse space.

Zip-Chem Products (Booth E9901): New biodegradable detergent that is nonflammable to clean up oils, tars, waxes.