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Suppliers of granulators, grinders and size-reduction equipment are offering more options to reduce noise, cut down on manual labor and process difficult materials. Some are introducing machines with higher throughput.

Abbeon Cal Inc. (Booth N6132): Improved Zetz-9 thermocutter with adjustable temperature control. Improved, noncontact plastic benders.

Accrapak Inc. (Booth N4003): North American introduction of self-strand pelletizing system for efficient cooling and drying of the strand prior to pelletizing.

Blackfriars Ltd. (Booth E10949): Company's comprehensive line of European-made granulators, including sound-deadened models.

Coronado Engineering Inc. (Booth S135): BlendStak, a new self-contained, high-intensity PVC blend system.

D and S Manufacturing Co. Inc. (Booth E11035): New rotary strand pelletizers. Norm-O-Loy proprietary process to extend knife life.

Dicer Corp. (Booth N5591): Improved Bolton dicer that makes cubes and octrahedral pellets from plastic sheet or compounds.

Exact srl (Booth E11318): Live testing of materials in plastic film densification and thermoplastic deflashing. North American debut of Evolution model.

Gala Industries Inc. (Booth N6032): Cost-effective SLC-6 underwater pelletizer with spring-loaded cutter. ECLN pellet dryers operate at low noise levels.

Granutec Inc. (Booth S208): Tangential feed granulator with two feeding stations, the front one for wide range of material and rear chute for long, bulky parts that otherwise require precutting.

Henschel Mixers America Inc. (Booth N4963): New FM2 high-intensity mixer, mainly for rigid PVC, with mixing tool directly fitted to the motor shaft, thereby eliminating parts like clutch and belt drive.

List Inc. (Booth E11414): High-viscosity materials mixing systems feature large, self-cleaning heat-transfer surfaces.

Littleford Day Inc. (Booth N5917): High-intensity mixers with converting impellers mounted on a single shaft in dust-tight cylinder.

M.C. Molds Inc. (Booth N5909): DST-2000 spin trim machine and bottle trimming equipment.

MPG Service & Sales Inc. (Booth E9550): New granulator for sheet and thermoforming scrap. Quiet granulators for large parts.

MTI-America (Booth S637): Production-size mixing equipment.

New Herbold Inc. (Booth N6004): New SX granulators for reduction of purgings, pipes and other heavy-duty scrap at rates as fast as 6,600 pounds an hour. ZM-500 pulverizers for fine grinding.

Nordfab Systems Inc. (Booth E8650): New Vortex K-1350K rotary grinder for large-part size reduction, eliminating need for manual pre-cutting of scrap.

Officine Costarelli SNC (Booth E10424): Tex America Inc. is new representative for Italian firm's densifiers, washing machines and other recycling equipment.

Polymer Systems Inc. (Booth N5387): New slow-speed, press-side granulators generate fewer fines.

New quiet Shurfeed granulators with no fly-back. Low-speed/ high-torque shredders.

Processall Inc. (Booth E9923): New continuous vacuum dryer and reactor for cross-linking and other reactions.

Rapid Granulator Inc. (Booth N4206): Model 3260, an exceptionally large granulator. SR series of low-speed, staggered-rotor granulators.

Reduction Engineering Inc. (Booth E8245): Rec-100, a new cryogenic fine-grinding system introduced jointly with Air Products and Chemicals Inc.

Reg-Mac srl (Booth E10418): New T-540 densifier for film and fiber using batch process.

ReTech Industries Inc. (Booth N4689): New rotary grinder combines features of shredder and granulator in one unit.

Rieter Corp. (Booth N4969): New Droppo line of pelletizers for low-viscosity polymers that can make micro pellets by a vibrating die head.

Charles Ross & Son Co. (Booth N5416): New dual-shaft mixer for plastisol, polyester and pigment dispersion uses.

Ribbon, vertical and other blenders and mixers.

Rotogran International Inc. (Booth E10145): Granulators equipped with new Silencer technology.

New RO series of barrel granulators.

SAS Automation (Booth N4994): Distributor for Getecha grinders and granulators made in Germany.

Shred-Tech Ltd. (Booth N6046): ST-100E shredder for film with modifications to reduce shred size and eliminate shredder overloading.

Size Reduction Specialists Corp. (Booth N5422): New size-reduction grinder with low speed and horsepower for large or solid parts and purgings.

Spearhead Group (Booth E8034): New six-axis routing systems, water-jet trimmers, dual robots.

Spirex Corp. (Booths S2711, S2907): V-Mixer screw for high shear rate for more complete dispersionary mixing. Features the firm's In-Melt Analysis system for collecting data on screw performance.

United States Granulator Corp. (Booth S167): Company's debut as a new equipment supplier. Company's new high-capacity granulators on display include versions that are capable of handling 10,000 and 6,000 pounds an hour.