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Robotics promise to dominate the materials-handling product introductions at NPE. Even manufacturers of traditional auxiliary equipment are promoting enhanced automation and computer controls.

All are promising to make the lives of processors a little easier. Some of the product roll-outs firms are planning include:

Automated Assemblies Corp. (Booth S1491): New generation of operator interfaces for AAC's robots and automation systems; New AZ-10 Optimum series robots for 30- to 80-ton injection molding machines; new AZ-100 HP Revolution series robots featuring high-speed performance for 100- to 650-ton injection molding machines.

Louis P. Batson Inc. (Booth E10541): Batson/Colormax Cyclomax filterless hopper loader; Batson/Colormax gravimetric, multiweigh blender.

Bindicator Co. (Booth N5972): Flo-Commander flow-control feeder with Doppler radar to measure flow of dry bulk material accurately.

Bosch Fluid Power Corp. (Booth E9139): Improved VPV Whisper series low-noise hydraulic pumps, HRV high-response, closed-loop, proportional- valve servo; pre-designed manifolds for updating the injection process.

C.W. Brabender Instruments Inc. (Booth N5333): New all-digital PL2100 Plasti-Corder torque rheometer.

CBW Automation Inc. (Booth S2647): New TP-197 high-speed, beam-type, up-and-out robot; T-996 high-speed, side-entry robot; LP-2000 automatic, servo-operated layer packer; CDB-97 automatic wrapping machine for compact disc jewel boxes and trays.

Citsco Inc. (Booth E11950): New Arbo model KDA-VV/45 closed-loop vibratory micro-feeder; Gimac 12 millimeter micro-extruder.

Colourmate Inc. (Booth N7022): New FL110-P proportional, filterless vacuum loader.

Comet Automation Systems Inc. (Booth S1587): New SD-65 dryer with SPI protocol, CDD-400 high CFM desiccant dryer, GR-series sprue granulators and CT-100 controller for volumetric blenders. Plus redesigned WB-400 weigh blender and recently introduced SD-15 dryer with dew-point meter.

Conair Group Inc. (Booth S1130): SPC-400 Dagger granulator; LP series and JC series beside-the-press granulators; Sepro Model 3440 side-entry robot; Sepro Model 3021BZ vertical take-out robots; sprue pickers; HE300SW beam robot for low-clearance applications; S900II Sepro control system; AutoWeigh gravimetric blenders; extrusion weight-per-length blenders; filterless vacuum receivers; Z-series self-contained, stainless steel loaders; new versions of the compressed-air material loader; Gas-Trac gas-fired process air heater; Sc60 dryer; and drying monitor.

Cosa Instrument Corp. (Booth E9762): Moisture analyzer for plastic materials and monitoring hopper dryer performance.

Direct-Line Products (Booth N5521): Thirty-two models of 12-to 24-inch belt conveyors; eight styles of steel water manifolds; four models of welded-steel drawer magnets.

Dri-Air Industries Inc. (Booth N4452): PD-series portable dryers; PDII dual-hopper portable dryers.

EMI Corp. (Booth S2012): A-Line aluminum belt conveyors; TrimLine steel-frame conveyors; Kurv-King flat- to fixed-angle and KKI flat- to adjustable-angle conveyors with automatic box filling system; indexing conveyors, tote dispenser, vertical box-filling system; robotic conveyors with part-relay stations and process control tie-in; shot-rejection conveyors; automatic part diverters; nozzles, screw tips and valves, end-cap systems; clean-air bags, oil purification and filtration; drawer magnets; mold clamps; aluminum and bronze water manifolds; water flow regulators.

Fanuc Robotics North America Inc. (Booth E9029): M-710i injection molding machine load/unload robot; P-200 painting robot.

Foremost Machine Builders Inc. (Booth S2617): 10-ton chiller; TT-8 dual-tower dryer; SEP-GA-4 metal separator; SEP-1D metal separator; SEP-IV-70-30 metal separator; VMF-15-30 vacuum loader; vacuum chambers; AT-2022-VI Accutrac weigh blender; CLWB-5 continuous-loss weight blender; Panelview 1400 CRT display; grinders.

Geiger Handling USA Inc. (Booth E11114): EA Mini-2000 Fiberline sprue picker.

Green Valley Inc. (Booth E8745): Mold/die transporters and assembly line/cell ergonomic work platform.

Hoppman Feeder Systems Inc. (Booth N7000): Centrifugal feeder for feeding plastic parts to a print-and-apply labeling machine; corner-wrap print-and-apply labelers.

Hurricane Pneumatic Conveying Inc. (Booth E9502): Largevolume, central pneumatic conveying system featuring washable cartridge filter receivers suitable for PVC compounds and difficult-to-handle powder resins.

IMS Co. (Booth E8334): Improved nonflammable mold releases, refrigerant-type hopper dryers, new manual gaylord tipper and modified powder loaders.

International Material Control Systems Inc. (Booth S2836): Bulk bag unloaders, high lift-and-dump container dumpers and high-volume mixers.

K-Tron America Inc. (Booth S2812): K2G SmartFlow feeding system for precision ratio control of multiple feed streams in extrusion processes. New K-Tron line-control display operator interface.

KFD Sales and Service Inc. (Booths S717, S2430/2447): Three new Remak Maschinenbau GmbH robots, including RF 5 HS high-speed handling robot, RF 10 system for complex applications and RC-30 system for technical molding.

Kice Industries Inc. (Booth N4648): Compact filter to collect plastic fines and dust from pneumatic conveying air.

Kuriyama of America Inc. (Booth E9617): Tigerflex hoses, including PVC materials-handling hoses; WBS anti-static PVC food-grade hose; Series 2020 reinforced polyurethane-lined materials-handling hose with static wire for outdoor dry applications; Series UVF (polyurethane); and GTF PVC food-grade ducting hoses.

L-R Systems Inc. (Booth N4841): New software for the blender software package, modifications to the machine-mounted weigh blender and improved model LL-50 compressed-air loader.

LCI Corp. and Kreyenborg GmbH (Booth N4211): LCI EP pumps for high-molecular-weight and high density polyethylene; Kreyenborg Pasadena continuous melt filter; and Kreyenborg underwater pelletizing systems for compounding and recycling. low-cost, all-pneumatic transversing robot; EMC 2001 operator's pendant; 720 EL2 transversing robot for use with injection molding machines up to 2,000 tons.

Marshal and Williams Co. (Booth N5376): Laboratory-scale orientation equipment; high-speed, high-volume orientation equipment.

Mauser Packaging Ltd. (Booth E11049): New open-top 55-gallon and 30-gallon drums.

Molding Automation Concepts Inc. (Booth S2848): Improved automatic box fill systems and conveyors; new portable resin-handling containers and part/runner separators.

Morton International Inc. (Booth S1104): New Morton Injecta Color LC-PRO metering pump for its line of liquid colorants.

Motan Inc. (Booth N5828): New Luxor drying line, Metro vacuum-loading equipment and Prisma gravimetric blender systems.

MTM Systems Inc. (Booth S473): 910AP bulk palletizer system for blow molded containers and parts.

National Bulk Equipment Inc. (Booths N5457, S1612): Crammer feeder to load semi- to nonfree-flowing material into a whirlwind mixer.

Nordson Corp. (Booth E11938): PluraFoam automated dispensing system for applying two-component materials for gasketing, bonding, sealing and other applications.

Novatec Inc. (Booth S711): On-machine gravimetric blender and blender control package; microprocessor controls for self-contained vacuum loaders; continuous blending and crystallizing system for PET resins.

Perstorp Xytec Inc. (Booth E11535): Collapsible, polypropylene totes for work-in-process, storage, transport and display.

Plast-Control Inc. (Booth E9055): Pro-Lab profile laboratory measurement system for off-line measurement of film and sheet; ACS Pro-Fil on-line measurement system; LRC3200AS layer ratio controller system for coextrusion applications.

Plastrac Inc. (Booth E11827): Ultra-compact Auto-Disc blenders, hopper loaders and mini-systems of both blenders and hopper loaders.

Premier Pneumatics Inc. (Booth S1474): Series II 2400 microprocessor controller for as many as 24 receivers; tunnel diverter valve; stainless steel receivers and loaders; and Prorate feeders for both injection molding and extrusion operations.

Proco Machinery Inc. (Booth E11300): Robopik universal container take-out system for shuttle-style blow molding machines; Cyber System for integrating take-out with other downstream operations like deflashing.

Progressive Machine Co. Inc. (Booth N4752): Model 102 continuous winder for flexible materials with Accu-Wind computerized control system; improved Model S160 traverse winder; Telesensor ultrasonic speed tension control.

Ram Automation Inc. (Booth S3040): Touch-screen controller for use with color PCs; portable four-axis servo, side-entry robot; one- and three-axis, small-press servo robots.

RDN Manufacturing Co. inc. (Booth N5557): RDN 2.0 precision vacuum sizer for close-tolerance sizing of materials; Intellicut IC2 servo cutter; Intellicut PC.5 puller/cutter with bubble tubing capability; Intellicut PC1 puller/cutter; C420 cross-cut saw; bubble tube controller system.

Rexam Mulox Inc. (Booth E10159): Maximizer flexible bulk bag for shipping and handling all forms of dry material.

Romax Inc. (Booth E9716): Two new volumetric metering devices, the Movacolor 16 basic model and the high-output MC 580.

Salina Vortex Corp. (Booth N4699): Infinite variable valve-gate positioner to control dry bulk material flow; improved Gravity Vee diverter; round Keeper maintenance gate to shut off material flow in repair or emergency situations.

SAS Automation (Booth N4994): Get a Grip modular robotic gripper and end-of-arm tooling components.

Simar Fördertechnik GmbH (Booth N4895): Hopper loaders and pump and metering blender units.

Sterling Inc. (Booth S1991): Full-line update of temperature controls, including new proprietary Sterlco controller; expansion of line for Ball and Jewel granulators; new STS control for frequency-drive robots.

Sterling Systems division of Sterling Blower Co. (Booth E8007): EZ-AC hinged blower, Auto-Feed Series of Veloci-Cutter granulators and improvements to the Elutriation material separation system.

Travaini Pumps USA Inc. (Booth E10762): DynaSeal liquid-ring vacuum pump system.

Tri-Matix Corp. (Booth E10410): Traverse robots for injection molded parts handling.

TSM Control Systems: Vacuum loading integrated with continuous gravimetric blending and extruder control.

Universal Dynamics Inc. (Booth S2180): Century dryer, KFG-50 self-contained loader and 5-horsepower PowerMax pump with Cyclone separator.

Webb Technologies Ltd. (Booth E11914): Speedryer 2000 thermodynamic hopper dryer.

Wittman Robot & Automation Systems Inc. (Booths S258, S358): New W420 CAN-CNC robot for 50- to 200-ton injection molders; quick-change tooling; flexible end-of-arm tooling package; 433 robot with high-speed servo for 250- to 500-ton injection molders; L-style robots that travel along the center line of the injection molding machine.

Yushin America Inc. (Booth E9109): Fully automated manufacturing cell, including integrated part removal, insertion, overmolding, decoration and packaging.

Zenith Pumps Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. (Booth N4652): B9000 series of stainless-steel, precision-metering pumps for most chemical processes; H9000 series of tool-steel, precision-metering pumps for high-temperature, high-abrasion uses.