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At NPE 1997, companies will showcase new printing, heat-transfer and other decorative equipment, along with tools for verifying that it has all been done right.

Exhibitors also will have bag makers, equipment for surface treatment, welders and rollers.


Adaptive Technologies Inc. (Booth N4534): Improvements to its EZGage II system.

Air Hydraulics Co. Inc. (Booth E9950): Heat-transfer press with new features and heat-insertion press.

Anderson America Corp. (Booth E11328): An entry-level computer numerically controlled router.

Atlas Electric Devices Co. (Booth S277): CL400 ChemiLume, which evaluates oxidative stability of materials by measuring their chemiluminescence, or light emission caused by thermal oxidation. The company also will display its MF12 melt flow indexer and other equipment for testing plastic.

Automation Equipment Inc. (Booth E8213): The new MSP-5000 multistation process color-printing system for rigid-plastic dairy container lids.

Bell-Mark Corp. (Booth S1170): Flexo System 1526 ``S'' for in-line printing with spiral tube winding equipment, laser ceramic rolls and a system with an enclosed doctor blade for printing.

Blow Molding Controls Inc. (Booth S152): Seven new products, including a leak tester, a height adjuster for conveyors, software for leak testers and a bottle positioning system.

BYK-Gardner USA (Booth E11705): Lightweight, portable, color instrument panel that mobilizes and secures color control.

Cassco Machines (Booth S3030): High-tonnage hot-stamp presses, a high-speed roll-on machine, a heat-transfer machine and an in-mold decoration system.

CFC International Inc. (Booth N4053): Specialty heat-transfer system, called Graphion, for engravable nameplates, and metallic heat-transfer foils for cosmetics.

CMS North America Inc. (Booth E8119): Plast 32 CNC machining center that delivers 3.5 kilowatts of power at 27,000 revolutions per minute and is designed to reduce programming time.

Cold Jet Inc. (Booth E10335): A pneumatic dry-ice blast cleaning system for machines and molds, in a single-hose system.

ColorTec (Booth E9805): New line of ColorSoft Windows-based software for color quality control and full-color matching.

Comdec Inc. (Booth E10125): Line of pad-printing and screen-printing inks.

CORfine Inc. (Booth E11720): Line of flat-bed and rotary, soft-anvil, die-cutting equipment, particularly for flexible and semi-rigid materials.

Corona Designs Inc. (Booth N4531): Power Source II corona generator, a compact version of its IGBT-based systems; a ceramic coating; and an epoxy coating.

CyTec Systems Inc. (Booth N6136): A core pulling and locking cylinder; clamping and locking systems; and a system for mold coolant/utility connections.

DACA Instruments (Booth E10321): Polymer research instruments, including a microcompounder designed to process 41/2 cubic centimeters of material.

Dependable Machine Co. Inc. (Booth S2960): MS 1050, an automatic, high-speed ultraviolet screen printer that can print two to eight colors on flexible tubes in one pass. A machine that can screen print and hot stamp; a machine that can print on both sides of an oval-shaped container in one pass.

DixieGraphics (Booth E8239): Exhibiting pre-press products for converters of plastic bags, tubes, cups and lids.

Drossbach GmbH & Co. KG (Booth E9642): Improved HD 250 corrugator and equipment for inline belling of HDPE pipes.

Emhart Industrial (Booth N6114): Displaying dodge molded-in inserts and miniature inserts.

Enercon Industries Corp. (Booth N4880): New Power bare-roll electrode, which allows a 40 percent increase in the power applied to corona treatment on difficult-to-treat substrates. A one-quarter-inch stainless steel segment for fine width lance control.

Gaska Tape Inc. (Booth N4979): New polymeric foam tapes for gaskets.

Graphics International Group (Booth E8711): Novax M universal screen printer, allowing as many as six colors in line; a printer for compact discs and digital versatile discs and several other machines.

GretagMacBeth (Booth E9719): Showing color quality software and other color solution products.

F.R. Gross Co. (Booth N4232): Heating and cooling rolls, temperature-control units and plasma-coating services.

Imaje Ink Jet Printing Corp. (Booth E10556): New versions of two small-character printers and a larger-character printer and an indenting marker.

Ircon Inc. (Booth E8941): A portable infrared thermometer with laser sighting that fits into the user's shirt pocket and measures temperatures from minus 4§ F to 572§ F.

Jet Wheelblast Equipment (Booth E11623): Exhibiting its new portable/cellular deflashing equipment for thermoset molded parts.

Kamann Machines Inc. (Booth S1487): New K-14U multicolor container printer, with six-color capability.

Marbach Werkzeugbau GmbH (Booth N4059): Trim-in-place tools for thermoformed polypropylene sheet.

Matthews International Corp. (Booth E10041): Offering a programmable indenting system and a small-character impulse printer.

Meyercord (Booth N4676): Design and manufacture of heat-transfer decals. The company also will demonstrate its system for providing dry, single-step application.

MicroVu Corp. (Booth E10912): Automated measuring of plastic parts, tools and molds using Vision technology.

Norcoil Trading A/S (Booth E8858): Improved automatic packaging machines for flexible products.

NoRosen Corp. (Booth E11938): PluraFoam dispensing system for two-component materials for foam-in-place gaskets for filters, automotive components and electrical enclosures.

Oeserwerk Ernst Oeser & Söhn KG (Booth N6214): In-mold decoration, heat-transfer and hot-stamping foil equipment targeting automotive, appliances, consumer electronics, telecommunications, cosmetic packaging and toys.

Omnimark Instrument Corp. (Booth N4680): Enhanced Mark 2 moisture analyzer, capable of measuring resins as low as 50 parts per million with resolution to 0.001 percent.

Palace Packaging Machines Inc. (Booth E9702): New bottle unscrambler, a bottle flamer and a pneumatic transporter for moving parts great distances.

Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp. (Booth N5293): Threaded inserts for plastic assemblies.

Permanent Label Corp. (Booth N5287): Heat-transfer label, hot-stamping and custom decorating systems.

Polymac BV (Booth E11141): Automatic handle-fitting machine for plastic pails.

Printex (Booth S886): New laser marking machines.

Romer Inc. (Booth E10053): New Romer 1000 portable coordinate measurement system with an articulating arm.

Sherman Treaters North America Inc. (Booth E9226): Corona-treatment equipment, including generators and treater stations.

Simco (Booth N4782): Magnum Force ionizing air system that eliminates static, dust and particles using blowers instead of compressed air.

Steelman Industries Inc. (Booth N5299): Heat cleaning and heat stripping ovens.

Teca-Print USA Corp. (Booth N6723): New TPU-250 pad-printing machine and laser marking system for bar coding.

3DT Inc. (Booth E8430): New Multidyne 1 corona-treating system and other corona treating products.

Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co. Inc. (Booth E9295): Improved S-Series bench-top universal testing machines for tensile, flexural, shear and comprehensive properties.

Tricor Systems Inc. (Booth E8425): Personal computer-based surface-analysis system that measures and analyzes gloss levels of products.

Unitemp (Booth N5929): Equipment for in-mold lamination.

United Silicone Inc. (Booth S1438): US VPC-2 two-color hot-stamping machine; US R3EX in-line extrusion hot-stamping machine; UP323 two-color sealed ink reservoir pad printer; UP303H horizontal pad-printing machine.

Vacuum Instruments Co. (Booth E11937): Exhibiting fully computer-controlled equipment for providing metallic finishes for plastic, glass or metal. The company also produces acrylic mirrors.

Van Dam Machine Corp. (Booth N4201): New 10-color cup printer, line of dry offset printing equipment for preformed plastic.

Vargus Ltd. (Booth E11626): Manual deburring tools, including for plastics with fiberglass.

Webtech Inc. (Booth S186): New line of metallic and pigment foils and an in-mold heat-transfer method that is die cut for insert molding.

Wisconsin Engraving/Unitex (Booth E9731): Designer series of texture plaques.

Inspection & testing

Adaptive Optics Associates Inc. (Booth E22816): A new polymer web inspection system starting at $64,500.

AGR International Inc. (Booth N5964): Vision Inspection Platform for identifying defects in plastic containers.

Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Co. (Booth E10349): Three coordinate measuring machines for applications such as mold and component inspection.

Ceast U.S.A. Inc. (Booth N4046): A weight melt indexer, a new cryo box for subambient Charpy/Izod tests and new Windows software for high-speed data aquisition for impact tests.

John Chatillon & Sons Inc. (Booth E11425): Announcing its agreement with Lloyd Instruments Ltd. to distribute Lloyd's Davenport polymer testing equipment in the United States and Mexico.

Color Instruments Inc. (Booth E8326): New ColorPort spectrometer for portable coloring measurements.

Datacolor International (Booth N5285): Spectrophotometers, color-matching software and quality-control software.

GRC Instruments (Booth N4382): New product for low load testing and an improved probe for thermal conductivity.

Infrared Engineering Inc. (Booth E8020): An on-line measurement system for adhesive/silicone coat-weight, moisture and lacquer-on-foil.

Mayan Automation Inc. (Booth E10341): Fine-Line inspection systems.

MTS Systems Corp. (Booth N4628): Tensile testing solutions.

NDC Systems (Booth S341): Measurement and control technology software that integrates the company's line into any plant network and communication system.

On Line Controls Inc. (Booth N6909): Ultrasonic wall-thickness measuring equipment for tubing and pipe.

Packaging Technologies & Inspection (Booth N6026): New LIS-101 label-inspection system, capable of checking as many as 800 of the smallest cosmetic and personal-care bottles a minute. The company also will unveil a leak-testing system at 12,000 bottles/hour.

Panametrics Inc. (Booth S826): The 25 DL-HP ultrasonic thickness gauge that makes digital thickness measurements from one side of a material.

Testing Machines Inc. (Booth N6021): LabMaster slip and friction tester.

Bag making

Formost Packaging Machines Inc. (Booth E10118): High-speed wrapping and bagging machines for consumer products.

Matila Industrial Co. Ltd. (Booth E10633): One set of automatic T-shirt bag-making machines.

Plastimac Division of American Jet Stream Inc. (Booth S773): New bag-making machines.

Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp. (Booth S2182): Loop handle bag machine with a consistent output of 130 bags a minute.

Surface treatments

Aerogen Co. Ltd. (Booth E9514): Equipment for monitoring and controlling flame surface treatment and a ``major breakthrough'' in burner design.

Engis Corp. (Booth E8234): Abrasive finishing systems for flat topping and polishing.

Lectro Engineering Co. (Booth S462): Forced-air plasma surface treater.

Plasmatech Inc. (Booth E10259): Displaying the V55-GKM low-pressure plasma system for polymer surface engineering and improved adhesion for painting and other uses.

SDC Technologies (Booth E10056): Opening its Applied Hardcoating Technologies center and exhibiting its abrasion-resistant coating for polycarbonate and its anti-fog coating.

Tantec Inc. (Booth E11028): Offering a plasma surface treatment chamber and a bipolar static- eliminator bar.


Bielomatik Inc. (Booth N5270): Releasing linear vibration welding machinery with an electromagnetic drive for thermoplastic joining applications.

Branson Ultrasonics Corp. (Booth S2667): An improved drive on its CV-12 orbital welder and new equipment and software.

Forward Technology Industries Inc. (Booth S367): Improved LVW 2046 vibration welder for thermoplastic parts.

Leister Elektro-Gerätebau (Booth E9850): New hand-welding tools, including the next generation of TRIAC-PID.

Mashchinenfabrik Spaichingen GmbH (Booth E11137): Ultrasonic welding machine for car bumpers.

Sonobond Ultrasonics (Booth E10525): Ultrasonic plastic welding system with a 35-kilohertz ultrasonic welding press and a computerized power supply.

Trinetics Group Inc. (Booth E11824): Offering thermoplastic spin welding technology, an infrared welder and a hot-air/cold- form assembly system.

Ultra Sonic Seal Co. (Booth E9634): New auto-tune power supplies for the company's ultrasonic welders.


Menges Roller Co. (Booth N4576): Complete manufacturing turnkey ability for core covering and special profiles.

Michigan Roll Form Inc. (Booth E10016): Equipment for cutoff and rotary perforation.