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Tuesday, June 17 8-11:30 a.m.

Session I, Room S401BCD

Innovations in Technology for Plastics Auxiliary Equipment

Chairman Don Rainville, Universal Dynamics Inc.; Co-Chairman Larry Bowman, AEC Inc.

``New Solutions in Material Handling Equipment'' — Doug Brewster, Conair Group.

``The Benefits of Gravimetric Blending'' — Ron Bankos, Universal Dynamics Inc.

``High-Performance Desiccant Drying'' — Gregory C. Lewis, Matsui America Inc.

``Measuring Payback of Automation and Robot Drives and Controls'' — Jim Schmitz, AEC/Application Automation.

``Zero Maintenance Granulators'' — Edward Winiarski, Granutec Inc.

``Improved Productivity Through Innovative Fluid Heat Transfer'' — Dave Young, Budzar Industries Inc.

Session II, Room S402AB

When Should Big Parts be Blow Molded?

Chairwoman Jan Schut, Plastics World; Co-Chairman David G. Bank, Papago Plastics Inc.

``New Horizons in Big Part Blow Molding'' — Oddbjoern Groennevik, OBG Design.

``Large-Part Blow Molding in Asia'' — Andrew Hobson, Hobson Mould Works; Mike Masuya, Placo Co. Ltd.

``Blow Molded Automotive Fuel Tanks'' — Robert H. Beck Jr., Solvay Automotive Inc.; Jim Thompson, Solvay Automotive Inc.

``Blow Molding Large Interior Trim Components'' — Nancy MacBrien, Carlisle Engineered Products Inc.

``Development of Large and Small Applications for Foamed Blow Molding'' — Rolf Spiekermann, Boehringer Ingelheim KG; Dennis Keane, B.I. Chemicals Inc.

Session III, Room S403AB

European Plastics Developments and Applications (Injection Molding)

Chairman Peter Mapleston, Modern Plastics International; Co-Chairman Joseph Grande, Modern Plastics.

``Latest Energy-Saving Measures'' — Bob Grundmann, Boy Machines Inc.

``Optimizing the Moulding Process Using the `Ecologica' Machine'' — Franco Inverardi, MIR SpA.

``The Future of Injection Molding with All-Electric Machines'' — Christoph Jaroschek, Ferromatik Milacron GmbH.

``System Approach — Automatic Start-Up and Process Optimizing'' — Christian Stettler, Netstal-Machinery Ltd.

``A Cross Section Through Advanced Automotive Applications from a European Perspective'' — Franz Strohmaier, Engel Canada Inc.

``Integrated Surface Enhancement — Developments in Modern Processing Open New Markets'' — Erwin Beurkle, Krauss-Maffei Kunststofftechnik GmbH.

``Connection of Different Components — Multicomponent Molding'' — Ansgar Jaeger, Mannesmann Demag Kunststofftechnik.

Session IV, Room S404ABC

Coinjection — Technology Advancements (for Equipment, Materials and Processing)

Chairman Peter Bemis, Bemis Manufacturing Co.; Co-Chairman Barr Klaus, Cincinnati Milacron Inc.

``Latest Developments in Coinjection Molding'' — Helmut Eckardt, Battenfeld Injection Molding Technology.

``Revising Injection Machine Paradigms with New Coinjection Strategies'' — Barr Klaus, Cincinnati Milacron Inc.

``Engineering Materials for Coinjection Processing'' — Jim Fassett, GE Plastics.

``Coinjection: Re-engineered for Today's Demanding Applications'' — Peter Bemis, Bemis Manufacturing Co.

Tuesday, June 17 1:30-5 p.m.

Session V, Room S401BCD

Rotational Molding — The Unique Plastic Process

Chairman Marilyn Wade, Rochester Rotational Molding Inc.; Co-Chairman Thomas Niland, Niland Co.

``Rotational Molding — An Overview'' — Steve Osborn, Trilogy Plastics Inc.

``Types of Equipment Used'' — Harry Covington, Ferry Industries Inc.

``The Types of Molds Used in the Rotational Molding Process'' — Julie Stout, Wheeler Boyce Co.

``Resins Used in Rotational Molding'' — Phil Dodge, Millennium Petrochemicals Inc.

``Stretching the Limits of Rotationally Molding PVC'' — David Braeunig, Hedstrom Corp.

``Rotational Molding — Just How Things Turn Out'' — John Cali, Bonar Plastics.

Session VI, Room S402AB

Training for Plastics Processing: How to Improve Your Workers' Skills and Capabilities on the Production Floor

Chairman Matt Naitove, Plastics Technology; Co-Chairman Don Paulson, Paulson Training Programs Inc.

``How Great is the Need for Training: A Survey of Plastic Processing Knowledge in Injection Molding Plants'' — Craig Paulson, Paulson Training Programs Inc.

``Training — What Works and What Doesn't'' — John Winzeler, Winzeler Gear Corp.; Jan Gish, Witt Plastics Inc.; David McWatters, Tech Group Inc.; Larry Eisenga, Blue Water Plastics Inc.; Enio Velazco, Nypro


``Benefits and Pitfalls of the Interactive Methods of Training in Industry'' — John McRandal, Owens Illinois Inc.

```The Steps to a Successful Training Program'' — Jay Cude, DeRoyal Plastics Group.

```National Employee Certification in Plastics: Creating a Standard for Productive Performance'' — Drew Fleming, Society of the Plastics Industry Inc.

``Plastics Technologist Certification and Plastics Process Engineering Certification'' — Nancy Herdegen, Society of Plastics Engineers.

Session VII, Room S403AB

Rapid Part Prototyping Specific for Injection Molding

Chairman Merle Snyder, Modern Plastics

``The RapidTool Process: Accelerating Product Design with the Rapid Manufacture of Prototype Tooling'' — Peter Maruk, DTM Corp.

```Solid Ground Curing Technology'' — Curtis Peel, Cubital America Inc.

```Accelerating Product Development Using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)'' — Paul Blake, Stratasys Inc.

``Rapid Prototyping with Silicone-Aluminum Composite Molds'' — David Comeau, Albright Tooling.

``Bridging the Gap Between Rapid Prototyping and High-Volume Production'' — Jeroen A. Jonker, Axxicon Group NV.

``Rapid Aluminum Molds for the Injection Mold Process'' — David G. Bank, Papago Plastics Inc.

Session VIII, Room S404ABC

Your Business and the Economy: What Every Processor Should Know

Chairman Bill Wood, Plastics World

``Plastics Industry Outlook'' — Michael Paslawskyj, CIT Group Inc.

````Truth and Fiction in Resin Pricing'' — Laura Agrons, Plastic Market Monthly.

``Forward Markets and Price Risk Management in Commodity Plastics'' — Tim O'Neal, Enron Capital & Trade Resources.

```Customer Satisfaction: How Plastics Processors Evaluate their Resin and Equipment Suppliers — Customer Delight as One Measure of Success vs. the Competition'' — Dick Mastio, Mastio & Co.

``Competing in the Global Economy: What Every Processor Should Know'' — J. Erik Fyrwald, DuPont Co.

Wednesday, June 18 8- 11:30 a.m.

Session IX, Room S401BCD

New Plastics for the 21st Century

Chairman Mike Berins, Plastics Focus; Co-Chairman William Kuhlke, Kuhlke & Associates.

``Aliphatic Polyketones: A New Family of Engineering Thermoplastics'' — Ellen McGowan, Shell Chemical Co.

``Questra Crystalline Polymers: `New to the World' Semicrystalline Resin Technology for Demanding Applications'' — Duane Naeger, Dow Chemical Co.; Tom Burns, Dow Chemical Co.

``Novel Attributes of Metallocene Polymers Lead to a Growing Number of Value-Added Applications'' — Fred Steininger, Exxon Chemical Co.

``Syndiotactic Propylene Polymers: Specialty Products for the 21st Century'' — Joseph M. Schardl Jr., Fina Oil and Chemical Co.

``Polypropylene — Leading the Way to the 21st Century'' — David McKeeman, Montell USA Inc.; Lawrence Logan, Montell North America.

```Cycloolefin Copolymers: A New Class of Engineering Resins'' — Helmut Eckhardt, Hoechst Celanese.

``Polyester Packaging for the 21st Century''—Jim Caldwell, Eastman Chemical Co.

Session X, Room S402AB

Gas Assist (Injection Molding): The Fundamentals

Chairman Jack Avery, GE Plastics

``Essential Design Elements for Gas Assist'' — Steven VanHoeck, Aegis Technologies.

``Entering the Gas-Assist Injection Molding Arena: A Common-Sense Approach'' — Michael H. Caropreso, Caropreso Associates.

``Using Simulation to Optimize Moldability Through Design, Mold Construction and Production'' — Cori Brown, Moldflow Pty. Ltd.

``Tooling for Gas-Assist Injection Molding — What's Different?'' — Roger Klouda, MSI Moldbuilders.

``Guidelines for Designers and Operators on Equipment Installation'' — Thomas W. Betts, Battenfeld of America.

``Floxal On-site Nitrogen Generation System for Gas-Assist Injection Molding'' — Tom Jarvis, Air Liquide.

``Gas Assist Molding Problem Solving and Marketing Tool'' — Jack Shedd, Mulay Plastics.

Session XI, Room S403AB

Injection Molding Analysis: Tips, Techniques and Experiences

Chairman Anne Bernhardt, Plastics & Computer Inc.; Co-Chairman Mark Wolverton, Montell USA Inc.

``Spend a Little Now or Pay a Lot Later: The Effective Use of Engineering Analysis'' — Howard Schwartz, Abbott Labs.

``What Every Project Manager Should Know About Filling Analysis'' — Mark Rosen, Corex Design Group Inc.

``Mold Analysis: A Mold Maker's Perspective'' — Bob Morton, Industrial Molds.

``Molding Filling Analysis Do's and Don'ts'' — Peter Fukuyama, Color & Composite Technologies Inc.

``Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan'' — Peter Weisel, Craftech Corp.

``Mold Cooling Technologies: Practical Application and General Guidelines'' — Keith Schauer, CAE Services Corp.

``A Better Approach to Plastic Flow Analysis'' — Frank Suli, Automatic Switch Co.

``How To Win in Injection Molding with Process Analysis'' — Mark Wolverton, Montell USA Inc.

Session XII, Room S404ABC

Trends and Guidelines in Devolatilization and Reactive Extrusion

Chairman Charles Martin, American Leistritz Extruder Corp.; Co-Chairman Adam Dreiblatt, Extrusioneering International Inc.

``Single-Screw Compounding: Improving Effectiveness'' — Thomas Black, Polymer Processing Services Inc.

``Classical and New Approaches to Twin-Screw Extruder Compounders, Devolatilizers and Reactors'' — William Thiele, American Leistritz Extruder Corp.

``The Impact of Devolitalization on the Reactive Extrusion Process'' — Paul Andersen, Werner & Pfleiderer Corp.; Favius Brauer, Werner & Pfleiderer Corp.

``Grafting Reactions and Polymerization in Twin-Screw Extruders and Computer Simulation of the Process'' — James L. White, University of Akron.

``The Modular Extruder System as a Practical Tool for Today's Melt Devolatilization Applications'' — Martin Mack, Berstorff Corp.

``Extruder Devolatilization of Low Solids Solutions''—Carl Hagberg, Welding Engineers Inc.; Thom- as Bash, Welding Engineers Inc.

Wednesday, June 18 1:30-5 p.m.

Session XIII, Room S401BCD

Processing New-Generation and Metallocene Polyolefins

Chairman Bob Leaversuch, Modern Plastics

``Engineered Metallocene Blends vs. Conventional Linear Blends'' — Jeffrey Brandenburg, New England Extrusion.

``Film Extrusion Issues With Metallocene-Based Polymers'' —David Nunes, Alpine American.

``Advances in Thin-Wall Injection Molding with Rim Gating and Advanced Materials'' — Jordan Robertson, Husky Injection Molding Systems.

``Enhancing Physical Properties of Metallocene Foams with Silane Grafting'' — Scott Smith, Sentinel Products Corp.

``Metallocene Polyolefin Opportunities and Processing Challenges in the Medical Market'' —Lee Woo, Baxter Healthcare.

``A European Perspective on Metallocene Applications and Processing'' — Horst Maack, Maack Business Associates.

Session XIV, Room S402AB

How to Improve Quality and Productivity in Injection Molding

Chairman Doug Smock, Plastics World; Co-Chairman Scott Collins, Olivieri Communication Inc.

``Injection Molding Machinery: A Technology in Transition'' — Harold Faig and Barr Klaus, Cincinnati Milacron Inc.

``An Approach to Intelligent Production System by Fusion of Flow Simulation and On-Line Monitoring'' — Masahiro Fujii, Ube Industries Ltd.

``Improvements in Injection Molding Equipment Design'' — Mike Urquhart, Husky Injection Molding Systems.

``Injection Mold Materials for Highly Abrasive and Corrosive Plastics: A Case Study of the Electronics Industry'' — Patrick Roche, Uddeholm.

Session XV, Room S403A


Chairman Jon Collister, Edison Polymer Innovation Corp.; Co-Chairman David Clavadetscher, Premix Inc.

``Advanced Composites Research & Development for Air Force Applications'' — Charles Browning, WL/MLB.

``There's More Than One Way to Skin a Car ... And Build Strong Bones'' — Erin Millerschin, SPI SMCAA.

``Design of Composites for Construction Applications''—Scott Calvert, Product Design Center.

``Application of Composites in Public Transit Vehicles'' — Bruce Preble, TMA International.

``FRP Composites for Civil Infrastructure Applications'' — John P. Busel, Composites Institute.

``Overview of Nanocomposites'' — Jon Collister, Edison Polymer Innovation Corp.

Session XVI, Room S403B

Success in Durables Recycling

Chairwoman Jan Schut, Plastics World; Co-Chairman Diane Mensinger, Monmouth Plastics Recycling.

``Success in Durables Recycling'' — Gary Estepp, Innovative Recycling Corp.

```Solid-State Shear Extrusion: The Route to Recycling Plastics from High-Volume Waste Streams'' — Klementina Khait, Northwestern University.

``The Efficient Use and Re-use of Plastic Materials'' — Mark Lieberman, American Commodities Inc.

``Reclaiming Plasticized PVC from Wire Choppers' Residues'' — Jack Milgrom, Walden Research Inc.

``Recycling Polystyrene Economically — The IFS Method'' —Richard Ramer, International Foam Solutions Inc.

``Success in Recycling Durable Containers'' — Joseph Sadlier, Eco-Tech LP.

``Compounding Challenges for Polypropylene Recycling'' — Tom Tomaszek, Discas Inc.

Session XVII, Room S404ABC

Alternate Methods for Optimizing Performance/Cost of Plastic Parts

Chairman Victor Wigotsky, Plastics Engineering

``The Rationale for Structural Foam'' — Tom Simon, Consolidated Metco.

``Increasing Productivity with Gas-Assist Technologies'' — Michael H. Caropreso, Caropreso Associates.

``Rotational Molding as a Competitive Process''— Paul Nugent, Remcon Plastics Inc.

``The Boundaries of the Blow Molding Process'' — Michael Moran, Lear Corp.

``Advantages and Limitations of Thermoforming'' — Arthur Buckel, McConnnell Co. Inc.

``Composite Material Systems for Large Structural Parts'' — Robert Brinkerhoff, GE Plastics.

Thursday, June 19 8-11:30 a.m.

Session XVIII, Room S401BCD

Foam Extrusion Developments

Chairman Jim Callari, Plastics World

``Cutting Foams In-line: New Rotary Knife Cutter and Blade Technology'' — Bob Bessemer, Conair Jetro/Gatto.

``Systems Design for Foamed Sheet Using Atmospheric Gases'' Edward A. Colombo, New Paradigms Consulting Inc.

``The Application of a New Coated Pellet Technology as a Low-Temperature Transport Mechanism for Additives Used in Plastics'' — Steve Fox, Nitech Corp.

``Tooling, Die Considerations for Multilayer Foamed Extrusions'' — Roderick Hughes, Extrutech International.

``Extrusion of TPE Profiles Using Water as Physical Blowing Agent''—Peter Hunziker, Berstorff Corp.

``Key Advantages of Silane-Grafted Metallocene Polyolefin Foams'' — Scott C. Smith, Sentinel Products Corp.

``Gauging of Foam Sheet'' — Ken Warnock, Battenfeld Gloucester.

Session XIX, Room S402AB

How Resin and Processing Dynamics Impact Packaging Performance

Chairman Bob Heitzman, Packaging Digest

``New Resin Technology — Impact on Packaging'' — Thierry Vanlancker, DuPont Co.

``Blown Film Machinery Considerations for Metallocenes'' — Andrew Wheeler, Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp.

``Customizing Concentrates for the Changing Demands of Film and Coating Customers'' — Howard England, Ampacet Corp.

``Economics and Performance Regarding Multigate Coinjection of PET Containers'' — John N. Kermet, Kortec.

``Packaging Progress Report on NDC/PEN and Oxygen Scavenger Concentrates'' — Jeffrey M. Toth, Amoco Chemicals; Boh Tsai, Amoco Chemicals.

``Scrapless Melt Phase Forming — Thin Wall, Deep Draw'' — Randy Wright, QuesTech Packaging Inc.

Session XX, Room S403AB

Thermoforming: Fundamentals for the Future

Chairman Steve Murrill, Profile Plastics Corp.; Co-Chairman Joseph Pregont, Prent Corp.

``Thermoforming Advanced Composites — Proving It Can Be Done!'' — Manfred Jacob, Jacob Composite GmbH; Herbert Borger, Advanced Composite Systems GmbH.

``Safety in a Thin-Gauge Thermoforming and Sheet Extrusion Operation—A Case Study''—Wayne DeCamp, Landmark Plastics.

``Molds for the 21st Century'' — John Griep, Portage Casting and Mold Inc.

``The Necessity of Creating a Sheet/Material Team for Profitable Thermoforming and Sheet Extrusion'' — Bill McConnell, McConnell Co. Inc.

``ISO 9000 Five Years Later. Is It Worth It?'' — Walt Walker, Prent Corp.

``The Current and Likely Future Economics of Plastics Recycling'' — Peter Mooney, Plastics Custom Research Services.

``Computers in Thermoforming — Partners in Profitability or Just Plug and Play?'' — James Throne, Sherwood Technologies Inc.