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AKRON, OHIO — Five unsung heroes of the Akron-area plastics industry have been officially sung.

The Akron Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers inducted the five into the section's Hall of Honor at a May 19 banquet. All are leading contributors whose work, though critical to the plastics industry, previously was unrecognized by major awards.

Inductees were nominated by a colleague and selected by the sections Hall of Honor committee.

Inductees are:

David F. Curtis, technical director of Steere Enterprises in Tallmadge, Ohio. Curtis, who acts as a liaison between Steere and its customers, was recognized for his educational efforts in dip molding and blow molding.

Joseph E. Pfeiffer, senior research specialist with Advanced Elastomer Systems LP of Akron. Pfeiffer gained recognition for his work on developing thermoplastic elastomers and additives.

Mark L. Dannis, a retired senior research fellow with BFGoodrich Co. of Richfield, Ohio, is the co-holder of the patent for chlorinated PVC. His research centered on the physics and physical chemistry of polymers.

Robert Wegelin, senior marketing technical service specialist with AES. During his career, Wegelin helped to develop powder coatings and coloring matching for PVC products, as well as coloring and other aspects of PET bottle products.

Herbert W. Keuchel, a director with Keuchel Associates of Akron, a manufacturer of specialty thermoplastic adhesive fabrics. Keuchel developed 10 polymer processing patents — including three processes which currently are being used — during his research and entrepreneurial career.

``You are no longer unsung in the industry,'' said Erik Walles, co-chairman of the Hall of Honor committee. ``Consider yourselves officially sung.''

The section also awarded $20,000 in scholarships to 17 high school and college students.

The Akron Section has about 660 members.