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CHICAGO—Hamos Recycling and Separation Technology GmbH (Booth E11634) of Penzberg, Germany, is exhibiting its KWS electrostatic separator, HS series of metal-detection and separation systems, and EKS electronic plastic separation system at NPE 1997 in Chicago.

The KWS separates dry, powdery or granular mixtures of metals and plastics. The material, dry and uniform in size, gets zapped with high voltage while on a rotating drum, causing the metals and plastics to separate. At 2,200 pounds per hour, processing costs less than 1 cent per pound.

The HS system detects and separates all metallic contaminants as small as one-half millimeter. Like the KWS, the HS also operates with dry, granular, free-flowing products.

The EKS separates commingled plastic such as PVC/polyethylene and PET/PVC. The dry, automatic method costs less then 1 cent per pound, according to the firm.

Hamos, founded in 1987, has an office in Skyland, N.C. The company sells units and complete systems for the recycling, plastics and food industries.