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CHICAGO — Wilmington Machinery (Booth S1980), based in Wilmington, N.C., is exhibiting two new extrusion blow molding machines and one structural foam machine.

Wilmington's Model 15.60.3 Coex industrial blow molder is capable of producing a three-layer blow molded structure with a total parison weight of as much as 15 pounds. It is equipped with a tie-barless cantilever clamp assembly. A single three-layer side-fed head with 100-point parison profiling is incorporated into the three reciprocating extrusion units.

The firm is highlighting the machine's ease of operation and rapid clean-out. It is available in standard models from 3-100 pounds, one to seven layers, single or dual heads, and accumulator-head or reciprocating-screw designs.

The Wilmington Model 5W12 Coex rotary blow molding machine can make three-layer blow molded bottles as large as 1 gallon.A key feature of the machine is bottle uniformity at a low cost, the company said. Available features include nine to 30 stations, dual-cavity molding, one to seven layers and view stripes.

The Wilmington Model 750 HE wide-platen machine is being shown with a configurable hot-runner manifold. It offers 238 nozzle positions and eight injection sequences from dual extruders.