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CHICAGO — Processing Technologies Inc. (Booth N4041) has entered the market for extruders smaller than 31/2 inches.

PTI is showing new coextruders suited to film, sheet, profiles, fibers and blow molding, said sales manager Alan Farkas. Model 1500 is a 11/2-inch version with a 24:11 length-to-diameter ratio and Model 2500 is a 21/2-inch machine with the same L/D ratio. They are nonvented, air-cooled, rear-expansion machines with 20- and 50-horsepower motors, respectively.

The St. Charles, Ill., firm also features an updated Model 6000 reclaim extruder with enclosed cylinders for better safey and a smaller footprint. Farkas said his firm upgraded the ram section and changed its angle of entry. The 6000 is a 6-inch, 32:1 L/D extruder with 500 HP. It includes an 8-inch hydraulic screen changer and water ring pelletizer. PTI claims it can handle up to 3,000 pounds an hour of low bulk density film and fiber scrap.

Farkas said PTI is displaying its first entry into the fiber extrusion market, a Model 4500 41/2-inch, 32:1 L/D, air-cooled machine with a 250-HP motor. The caster-mounted extruder includes a cast feed section and continuous screen changer.

Other PTI products on display include a cast-aluminum magnet drawer with side-feed ports and additive feeders, and PTI's Titan programmable logic controller system capable of handling up to 15 zones.

PTI President Dana Hanson established the company in 1988 as a single-screw extruder supplier. PTI has branched into several other markets, including tandem foam extrusion lines.

Hanson said markets for polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene foams are growing rapidly as the materials capture new packaging applications. He said PTI has six different foam projects ``on the go,'' although he did not identify customers.