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CHICAGO — Jomar Corp. (Booth S347), a Pleasantville, N.J.-based blow molding equipment maker, is demonstrating four blow molding machines at NPE.

One machine is being shown for the first time in North America while three of the machines feature improvements.

The EBM 6.0, the newest single-station model in the firm's blow molding line, is made by Jomar Italia. It produces 3-liter, high density polyethylene handleware.

It has a grooved, 70-millimeter-diameter extruder. The machine processes HDPE, PVC, polypropylene, low density PE, polycarbonate, PET and high-molecular-weight PE. The clamp system has no tie bars and its gates open fully for easy mold changes. Bosch closed-loop proportional valves allow precision in the carriage's up/down movement.

Control of the machine is based on a Siemens microprocessor. Other features include calibrated neck finish, triple head capabilities and a parallel-axis gearbox with thrust bearing.

The company's latest version of the Model 35 injection stretch blowing machine offers a Barber Colman 4500 closed-loop injection control system, Bosch hydraulics, a 2-inch reciprocating extruder with a radial piston hydraulic drive and nickel-plated platens. It can accommodate molds with as many as 10 cavities with a maximum diameter of 13/4 inches for products up to 6 inches in length or height.

Jomar also is producing bottles on a Model 15, the smallest injection blow molding machine the firm makes. It features Allen Bradley SLC-503 process control with a color screen.

The Model 15 is available with a choice of plastifier screws. General-purpose screws are appropriate for PE, polystyrene and PP. Special-purpose screws are used for PVC, PP and PC.

Other features include two-pressure blow, a screw speed tachometer, heat zone ammeters, blow air exhaust during transfer and a photoelectric parison detector. Remote control, stored setups with bottle and part menus and advanced hydraulics with proportional pressure and volume controls are available options.

The firm's Model 135 blow molding machine features new sheet metal, a video display screen and proportional valves.