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CHICAGO — Product introductions by Dynisco Inc. at its 4,900-square-foot NPE exhibit (Booth S2458) include a new intelligent pressure transmitter, a Kona hot-runner minibushing for injection molding very small parts and a spiral cone point hot-runner tip.

Designed for extrusion, Dynisco Measurement and Control's IPX Series of pressure transmitters is self-calibrating. It maintains a high level of accuracy (0.15 percent) of pressure measurement even under very high temperatures, up to 752 F. According to Dynisco, conventional smart process transmitters only operate at a process temperature of lower than 572 F, and their accuracy decreases as temperatures get higher.

The display is presented right on the unit.

Dynisco of Sharon, Mass., also is showing a new, smaller sensing tip for its line of PT460 pressure transducers. The 6-millimeter tip is designed for small extruders. Because its small size means less dead space to hasten degradation, it also can be used on larger extruders processing materials that degrade quickly.

In Kona hot-runner products, Dynisco is showing an SR3 mini-bushing for molding small parts with a good cosmetic appearance. Nozzle lengths are available in 46-, 56- and 66-millimeter sizes. The nozzle flow bore size is 3mm. Gate spacing can be as small as 25mm.

Also from Kona is a hot-runner tip with a patented spiral cone point. The tip eliminates the normal separation of resin flow found in cone point designs, so the part has no striation lines.

Other new Kona parts include a side shut-off inlet that closes the manifold at the inlet to eliminate drool and a T-24 hot-runner system with threaded nozzle for large parts.

The new Extek hydraulic screen changer uses a new breaker plate with 24 percent more screen filtration area. A Normag Endura gear pump is designed for running highly viscous and filled material at high pressures.

Dynisco also is demonstrating the Kayeness Rheotruder tied to a small extruder running at its booth.

The unit measures viscosity, generating a full flow curve in less than eight minutes.